Quick process for generating CSR and Installing SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5 & 6

Step 1 : Create the Signing Certificate Request

  • Control Panel open Microsoft IIS Server
  • Right-click the location you want to generate the CSR for, pick Properties.


  • Click on the Security Directory tab, and then press Server Certificate under Secure Communications.
  • Select Create a new choice for the certificate, and press Next.
  • Pick ‘Prepare request now but submit it later’ and press Next.
  • In the Name text box, add the name of a server certificate or common name, pick the bit length at 2048-bit, and click Next.
  • Then add the complete name of your company and unit and click the Next button.
    Now add the domain name and push the Next button in the common name tab.
  • Use country name, add city and state one by one and press Next button.
  • Add a file name and save it with a.txt extension at a specific location, and then press Next.
  • Now create the CSR file and add it to the position you’ve added.

In a zip file or separately, the Certificate Authority ( CA) has issued the server certificate, intermediate certificate, and root certificate. Extract and save those files to a specific location.

Step 2: SSL Certificate build on Microsoft IIS 5 & 6

  • The Manager of the Open IIS service
  • Right-click the CSR website you recently created and click the Properties
  • Now click on the Security Directory tab, and press the Certificates Server button.


  • Select Process and install the pending file, and press Next.
  • Now, you need to search the location of your recently extracted SSL Certificate file here.
  • To install the SSL Certificate press the OK button.

Finally, created your CSR, and enabled SSL Certificate on IIS 5 & 6 Server.

You can use our free SSL Certificate Checker Tool to test the installation of SSL Certificates.

Step 3: Download IIS Interim Certification

  • Open the folder where you have stored all of the CA ‘s certificate files.
  • Double-click on the Certificate tab
  • To start the installation process click on Install Certificate button.


  • Select Put all certificates in the following store in the Import certificate wizard, and press the Browse button.
  • Check box Show physical stores
  • Expand folder of intermediate Authorities for Certification.
  • Select Local Machine and then press OK > Finish button.
  • Reboot IIS Server.