Prominent Benefits Of Using Wildcard SSL

Do some simple yet complex questions puzzle the mind of users like how do you actually buy a Wildcard SSL Certificate? And, even after you get it, what’s the best way to properly integrate it with the servers and get it working in a proper manner. While there are different types of certs, there are still buyers who have the necessity to use encryption on a lot of pages at the same time. This is applicable for banking websites, shopping sites that spread checkout pages, or any site which requires many domains so as to gain better visibility in the search engines. In such a scene, the usage of this type of cert becomes a must. And, as it is used by plenty of websites, there are a bunch of certificate authorities who offer the service. Comodo is one of the leading CA in the industry and the company has an excellent reputation among buyers worldwide.

What makes wildcard SSL beneficial?

Using a Wildcard SSL certificate is mainly based on the convenience of the user, the necessity for sub-domains as well as the cost factor. A simple example is something like,

# when you need to secure your domain.
# When there’s another sub-domain where personal information is collected like
# when an expected requirement is confirmed for the future, maybe for a VPN setup like

This is just one example of a typical usage scenario while online retailers, banking websites, and e-commerce will use the SSL certificate in a completely different manner. In either case, you have to start off by purchasing the cert from a reputed certificate authority and the details will be delivered to you in a short while. Once you have the necessary information, proceed with the certificate signing request.

Submitting a request

When you ask for request a sign, the CA will ask you to fill up certain information including your server address, domain name among other details. Get it done and make sure the important field “common name” is properly filled which will be your sub-domain. A domain name verification for the SSL will be carried out before you receive confirmation e-mails.