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Best PC Cleaner (FREE PC Optimizer) Software for Windows

PC optimization extends the useful life of your computer and protects your essential and mission-critical files from being corrupted by viruses, bugs, and other forms of malware. It is very effective in boosting the speed of your computer and increasing the amount of work that your company gets done. The process of optimising your system is helpful for deleting unwanted photos, files, videos, and audios from your computer.
The following is a curated list of the best PC cleaners and tuneup utilities, complete with links to their official websites and descriptions of their most popular features. This list includes both open-source (which means free) and commercial (which means paid) computer cleaning software.

Best Computer Cleaner Software for Windows 10 PC & Mac

Name Price Platform Link
ūüĎć Restoro PC Repair Tool Free Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP Learn More
ūüĎć Outbyte PC Repair Free Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Learn More
System Mechanic Free Windows¬ģ 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Learn More
Advanced SystemCare Free Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP Learn More
Advanced PC Cleanup Free Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 Learn More

1) Restoro PC Repair Tool

The Restoro software makes it easy for you to clear out the clutter in your computer’s registry. It is possible to prevent the computer from locking up and crashing by using this application. It can quickly repair your computer to an optimised state while keeping you and your information safe.



Restoro can fix error messages.
It enables you to repair any damage that the virus may have caused.
Provides convenient PC repair at any time.
This programme can fix and reinstall the Windows operating system.
It has the ability to restore as well as replace DLL files.
Detects dangerous websites
Release some valuable space on the disc.
It is able to identify potentially dangerous applications before they cause damage to your computer.
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2) Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is a window repair and pc optimizer tool that gives you a quick overview of your computer’s performance and allows you to view it in graphical form. It assists you in determining and resolving any performance issues that may be affecting your personal computer.

Repairs on Outbyte Computers


cached or temporary files that aren’t being used should be verified and deleted.
It enables you to prioritise certain applications in terms of CPU processing time.
Disabling Windows telemetry features gives you the ability to exercise control over the level of privacy afforded to your data.
Provides assistance in resolving hundreds of the PC problems that are most frequently encountered
Windows is the only platform that is supported.
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3) System Mechanic

System Mechanic allows users to generate a customised report that outlines issues and provides a list of recommended solutions. This tool decreases the amount of time required for a personal computer to boot up and improves the performance of the CPU, drivers, and RAM.

Iolo System Mechanic


It will automatically speed up the central processing unit, the hard drive, and the RAM.
Identifies an unnecessary startup programme that is causing your computer to run more slowly.
It identifies and fixes over 30,000 distinct problems across the system.
Improves the performance of your Internet by optimising the settings that are hidden from view.
This feature completely deletes your browsing history and patches any Windows security flaws that could potentially harm your computer.
It gets rid of over 50 different junk files and frees up space on the disc.
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4) Advanced SystemCare

The software known as Advanced SystemCare is straightforward and simple to operate. It will help you clean up your system, make it run faster, optimise it, and protect it. It also enables you to maintain your privacy while using the internet. This tool also helps you to free up space on your disc by removing junk files and other unnecessary data.

An Enhanced Level of SystemCare


It manages startup items to speed up the process of starting the computer.
IObit Advanced SystemCare will strengthen the security of your system and revitalise your web browsing experience.
Drive Error Resolver & Repair for Windows is an application that
Repair the Windows problems.
Leftover Software Can Be Eliminated With Just One Click.
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5) Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is a computer cleaner tool that is simple to use and assists you in removing all different kinds of unnecessary files and applications from your computer. To increase the speed of your computer, you can use this tool to disable startup items and uninstall unused applications.



It is simple to delete any personal information that has been saved on the web browser.
You have the ability to delete temporary files and empty the trash from the Recycle Bin.
It improves the speed of your computer while also assisting you in managing the list of programmes that run at startup.
Erase the history of your web browser to prevent hackers from accessing personal information.
Ensure that the Windows Registry is free of any and all errors as well as invalid entries.
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6)¬†Ashampoo¬ģ WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a tool for optimising and cleaning your computer system that is simple to use. Disk space management and defragmentation are both capabilities that can be combined using this application. It is able to perform an analysis on your hard disc as well as any other installed hardware.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the word.


It provides a dashboard with direct access to the various features.
The programme is compatible with the Chromium version of the Microsoft Edge browser.
It makes use of an immediate algorithm for cleaning up junk files.
The Ashampoo programme offers comprehensive analysis logs.
It comes with a redesigned and improved browser extension manager.
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7) CCleaner

CCleaner erases your digital footprint, frees up storage space, and assists you in better managing your computer to make it run more efficiently. Cleaning and maintaining your personal computer is a simple process.



It offers the typical level of protection for personal privacy.
This piece of software will help you get the most out of both your computer and your Internet connection.
This instrument has a quicker startup time and delivers improved performance.
Get more from your endpoints
Adjust the level of cleaning to meet the requirements of your company.
Increase safety while maintaining regulatory conformity.
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8) Easy pc optimizer

Your computer will be lightning-quick, error-free, and more responsive after running Easy PC Optimizer. In just a few simple clicks, it will boost the performance of your system. This tool employs a method of computer optimization to adjust the settings of Windows so that they are compatible with your hardware.

Easy pc optimizer


This software can make even the most sluggish computer speed up in a matter of minutes.
It corrects errors that Windows may have.
You are able to manage hidden windows settings with the assistance of easy pc optimizer.
Before making any adjustments to the settings, the tool creates a backup of the registry.
It also optimises the startup process and cleans up junk files.
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9) AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and Android

With the help of the AVG PC Tuneup tool for PC, Mac, and Android, you can make your outdated computer run more quickly. This utility includes a sleep mode technology that will increase the performance of your personal computer, as well as the speed of the disc cleanup process.

AVG PC Tuneup


This disc cleanup software will automatically fix any bugs or crashes on your computer and will also maintain it.
It detects and eliminates bloatware and other unnecessary programmes.
It gives you the ability to clean up over 200 different applications.
Utilizing the Disk Cleaner programme, thoroughly clean your hard drive.
Using Browser Cleaner will make your browsing experience lighter and faster.
The registry can be cleaned automatically with AVG PC TuneUp.
You only need one click to ensure that your programme is always running the most recent version.
One click will bring all of the programmes up to date.