Onedrive Ransomware Recovery

Microsoft adds ransomware protection and file restore to OneDrive cloud storage

Microsoft will introduce a new OneDrive feature that makes it easier to recover from a ransomware attack. Files Restore will be moving from OneDrive for Business accounts to personal OneDrive accounts. To access the Files Restore feature, you will need to have an Office 365 subscription. OneDrive users will now be able to use the feature to restore files from any time in the past 30 days. You can restore files accidentally deleted or roll back to earlier versions.

Microsoft markets the Files Restore feature to help protect against ransomware attacks. These ransomware attacks lock files on local computers and attempt to delete copies stored in synced or synchronized folders. This replicates the changes in the cloud. These ransomware attacks have been seen in large numbers lately, with victims being forced to pay money to get their files back.

OneDrive will notify users if it detects a mass deletion of cloud files. This will be done via email, mobile or desktop notification. A recovery process will allow you to quickly restore your data to the time before the ransomware attack. Seth Patton is the general manager for Office 365. “It’s unique in the industry,” he says. OneDrive is our choice for safe and secure storage.

OneDrive Files Restore

Microsoft has also added password-protected sharing links to OneDrive. This will make it more secure for sensitive files and folders. will be updated to offer email encryption for Office 365 subscribers. allows you to enable email encryption on individual messages. will also prompt you for encryption if it finds information such as social security numbers within emails. If the security level at the recipient is not up to Microsoft’s encryption standards, recipients will be able to read messages from, for iOS and Android, as well as the Windows Mail app. users, can also block recipients from forwarding and copying email sent through the service.

Office 365 subscribers will see Files Restore, Ransomware Protection, and Encryption start rolling out today and for the remainder of the month. Microsoft promises that password-protected OneDrive links will be made available within the next few weeks.