Modded Minecraft Server Hosting

BEST Minecraft Server Hosting (Cheap Modded Server 2022)

Among the many different types of internet hosting services, a Minecraft game hosting service allows anyone, whether an individual or a business, to host their Minecraft game on the World Wide Web.

Best Minecraft Hosting (Cheapest Options to Buy): Top Picks

Name Starting Price
(Per month)
Reason Chosen Link
👍 Apex Hosting $4.49 Best modded Minecraft server hosting Learn More
👍 Shockbyte $2.5 Best Overall Learn More
👍 GEOPORTAL $2 Unlimited Player Support Learn More
Sparkedhost $1.60 Unlimited Player Support Learn More
BisectHosting $7.99 Cheap Plans with DDoS Protection Learn More

The following is a chosen list of the best Minecraft hosting servers, along with descriptions of their most popular features and links to their respective websites.

1) Apex Hosting

is a web hosting company that provides a variety of services.
Minecraft hosting services are provided by Apex Hosting, which is another Minecraft hosting service provider. The hardware features they provide are dedicated, such as high-clocked CPUs and solid-state drives (SSDs). Additionally, the site provides high TPS and lag-free servers.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

RAM Players Price in $ (per month)
1 GB Unlimited 4.49
2 GB Unlimited 7.49
3 GB Unlimited 11.24
5 GB Unlimited 18.74
6 GB Unlimited 22.49
7 GB Unlimited 26.24

Servers that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 99.9 percent uptime.
Access to the FTP server and the MYSQL database.
Servers for the Java and Bedrock editions.
In less than 5 minutes, you can be up and running.
200+ one-click mod pack installers are available.
Policy on Refunds:
If you cancel your hosting service within 7 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. The company will compensate you for one month if you do not meet your obligations.

Customer Assistance: They do not have a set service level agreement (SLA) for response times for customer support. They do, however, typically answer within an hour at the most. They provide client service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the network:
There are two forms of downtime for them. 1) Unplanned downtime; 2) Scheduled downtime

In this context, “Emergency Downtime” refers to situations in which Apex Hosting is forced to temporarily disable a server. In most cases, it is used in scenarios such as hardware failure, vulnerability, and other situations that need a quick shutdown of the system.

“Scheduled Downtime” refers to scenarios in which Apex Hosting will notify you of scheduled downtime periods before the implementation of the scheduled downtime period.

They do not send out any alerts in the event of unanticipated downtime, which is disappointing. Any planned outage, on the other hand, will be communicated in advance. They provide a status page where you can keep track of the current status of all of their nodes, which is useful.

Apex Minecraft Hosting may be found at

2) Shockbyte

is a computer virus that infects your computer.
Minecraft hosting service provider Shockbyte is yet another well-known name in the Minecraft community. They have a lot of experience with game hosting and can set up a large number of games for you.

They support both the Java and Bedrock game versions of the Minecraft video game. They provide quick setup, all modpacks, limitless NVMe SSD storage and bandwidth, and a variety of other features. It also provides complete FTP access.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

RAM Players Price in $ (per month)
1GB RAM 20 2.50
2GB RAM 40 5.00
4GB RAM 80 10.00
7GB RAM 140 17.50
8GB RAM 160 20.00
9GB RAM 180 22.00

Automatic updates and nods are both possible.
Access to the FTP server in its entirety.
Provides dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) support.
It makes contact with the availability of information.
100 percent uptime is guaranteed.
Backups performed regularly
DDoS prevention with low latency.
CP for multiple crafts.
Instant setup, a server console, and a free MySQL database are all included.
A 24-hour refund policy is in effect at this establishment.

Network Service Level Agreement (SLA): They do not have a Network SLA.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outage notification: If there is a downtime, they notify customers in advance.

Minecraft hosting is available at


PORTAL provides Minecraft servers for both the Java and Bedrock versions, as well as servers for a variety of other games. As an example, for Minecraft, we not only provide a dynamic RAM-based server model, but we also provide over 250 modpacks that are pre-installed on the server itself.

Server plans:

RAM Players Price in $ (per month)
2 GB Unlimited $2
3 GB Unlimited $3
4 GB Unlimited $4
5 GB Unlimited $5
6 GB Unlimited $6
7 GB Unlimited $7
8 GB Unlimited $8

It is possible to dynamically alter the amount of RAM necessary.
Minecraft Java, as well as Bedrock, are both supported.
Jars created just for you are supported.
Access to the FTP server and the MySQL database is provided for free.
There are almost 250 different mods to pick from.
Pre-installed mods have already been installed on the server.
The DDoS defense produced by the company itself including “Corero” protection
Live customer service is available by phone, ticket, forum wiki, and e-mail.
Policy on Refunds:
The service provider offers a money-back guarantee of up to 48 hours. Unless otherwise stated, payments made with Paysafecard are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If the service is proven to be defective, the supplier offers a complete 7-day money-back guarantee. However, “Early Access” third-party game server software is not included in the guarantee.

Customers’ credit balances cannot be reimbursed or transferred to an external account, such as a credit card, for any reason.

Network Service Level Agreement (SLA): A 99.9% uptime guarantee on network and data center operations is provided. We have two different data centers at our primary sites, as well as a network hub, which we use for disaster recovery. The network and data center are completely self-contained.

Customer Support: There is no formal service level agreement (SLA), however, a response is always sent out as fast as feasible to all queries.

Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Downtime Alert: The status of major outages and planned maintenance can be monitored on the Downtime Alert page.

Link to the status page:

4) Sparkedhost

Sparkedhost is a hosting service provider website that offers high-quality Minecraft hosting services that are dependable and scalable. They also provide a variety of Minecraft hosting plans, including a budget, enterprise, and extreme hosting plans, to accommodate users of varying levels of experience.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

RAM Players Price in $ (per month)
512 MB Unlimited 0.60
1 GB Unlimited 0.75
2 GB Unlimited 1.75
4GB Unlimited 3.75
6 GB Unlimited 5.75
8 GB Unlimited 7.75
10 GB Unlimited 9.75
16 GB Unlimited 15.75
32 GB Unlimited 19.75

After payment has been accepted, you will be able to immediately begin setting up your hosting server.
Provide enterprise-class hardware to ensure that your product is always available and operational.
DDoS protection is provided to ensure that you remain safe at all times.
Provide premium locations in a variety of locations around the world.
Policy on refunds:
Sparked Host provides a very limited money-back guarantee that is applied on an individual case-by-case basis. If they are responsible for any service interruption, they will provide a refund (subject to some time restrictions).

Network Service Level Agreement (SLA): They guarantee network availability for all applicable services at 99.99 percent. If their service fails to uphold this agreement for 10 consecutive minutes at any point in time, the impacted service will be paid for their loss.

Customer Support: We have a highly-trained, committed team of support professionals who respond to live chat requests in an average of 1.23 minutes on average.

Downtime notification: Yes, they do send out notifications in the event of downtime. It is also possible to extend your service with them.

The website address is:

5) BisectHosting

BisectHosting is a Minecraft server hosting company that specializes in dedicated servers. The best hosting service at an inexpensive price is provided by them. This hosting site provider offers dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS) for individuals looking for a large and fast server.

Here are some important hosting plans provided by them:

RAM Players Price in $
1024 MB 12 2.99
2048 MB 24 5.98
4096 MB 48 11.96
10240 96 29.90
20480 160 59.80
32768 160 95.68

You have the option of changing your player number to whatever you like.
They provide support for JARs that are customized.
It provides DDOS protection to allow for uninterrupted MC gameplay.
They provide an unlimited amount of SSD storage.
It makes it easier for you to access all of your files with your favorite FTP client.
You can choose the server that is nearest to you in terms of latency for the greatest performance.
Minecraft servers are equipped with a control panel that is both feature-rich and simple to use.
Solid-state drives (SSDs) are used to store the data on your Minecraft servers.
Policy on Refunds
They will issue a refund to new customers within three days after the date of the original transaction; beyond, they will not issue any refunds, either in full or in part.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a network
In the event of downtime, they will pay you.

Customer Service is available.
Their response time is on average 13 minutes long. Customer care professionals are available for this hosting company in a variety of time zones.

Alerts when there is a problem
If there are any problems with your node, you will be notified through your control panel. You can also check the status of our services on our service status page.