Mimecast Ransomware

To Stop Ransomware, You Need Superior Email Security.

Ransomware attacks continue to increase. Smart organizations are looking for innovative ways to prevent ransomware from infecting your email.

Ransomware is an attack that enables hackers to gain access to a company’s computer systems and data. They then hold them “hostage” by encrypting or blocking access. Organizations can get their data back by hackers only after they pay a ransom.

Ransomware attacks often start via email. Therefore, it is important to adopt solutions that prevent malicious URLs from being sent and weaponized attachments. Mimecast provides comprehensive email security services for organizations looking to prevent ransomware attacks.

Stop Ransomware with Mimecast

Mimecast’s all-in-one service for email security continuity, archiving, and security provides complete protection against ransomware, advanced targeted threats, and other issues.

Mimecast’s cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for IT teams to manage and deploy multiple solutions to protect against email threats. Mimecast’s email security services protect against ransomware, malware, spam, wire transfer, phishing, impersonation attacks, data leaks, and other threats. Mimecast’s services use sophisticated detection engines to provide multi-layered security. They incorporate the most recent threat intelligence to prevent known and emerging threats from reaching the network.

Mimecast Solutions To Stop Ransomware.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection helps stop ransomware attacks and provides phishing and spear phishing protection by scanning all emails to identify and block the most common techniques for initiating targeted attacks.

Mimecast URL Protection blocks malicious URLs. It scans all links in an archived and inbound email. Users are prevented from accessing the target website until they have been checked for malware.

Mimecast Attachment Protection helps stop ransomware attacks by stopping employees from opening weaponized attachments. Mimecast can prevent ransomware attacks by sandboxing all attachments, checking for malware, and converting attachments to safe formats before they are delivered to users.

Mimecast Impersonation Protection scans email for signs and techniques of fraud, social engineering, and other threats. To trick users into sharing a link or clicking on a link, attackers often pretend to be a trusted person or contact. Mimecast blocks suspicious email quarantines them for review or sends it along with a warning based on security policies established by administrators.

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