Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware Download

You can protect your computer from data kidnappers at all times

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware, another piece of software from the Malwarebytes ever-expanding suite of computer security programs, is now available. This installation stops ‘ransomware’ from encrypting files on your computer and making it impossible to access them. Ransomware can even refuse to return your files, making it dangerous… but this software is useful.

Furious, but not entirely fast

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware uses heuristic analysis. It monitors all activity on a computer and compiles evidence based upon what programs are doing and what’s happening. After it’s able to reasonably believe’ that a program might be dangerous, it will shut down ransomware activity so your data can’t be encrypted. MBAR can do this well. This is the best way to combat ransomware. However, this comes at the expense of speed. Running the program on older computers may make the programs you use slower. You might think about closing down other tasks and turning MBAR off for a while, especially if you are playing the latest and greatest video games.

It’S Super Effective

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware does exactly what it says: It nips ransomware in its tracks. MBAR’s heuristic analysis is one of the most effective and efficient solutions. Most modern computers should be able to run it smoothly. It will likely get even better over time, just like other Malwarebytes software.