Macrium Ransomware Protection

Two solutions in one: Backup and ransomware protection

Ransomware is a major cybersecurity threat today. Ransomware continues to grow in both the number and type of ransomware. Spending money on data recovery by public and private organizations all over the globe is increasing at an alarming rate.

Ransomware will remain a cybersecurity threat so long as sensitive data is stored on computers. Hackers are most likely to target confidential or critical data, particularly if hackers recognize the dependence on that information and if it isn’t protected or backed up.

The best protection is the one that stops the attack. You will need to ensure that your Antivirus is updated regularly if you have chosen it. New types of malware are constantly emerging. Macrium Reflect 7 includes ransomware protection to protect your backups.

Macrium Image Guardian can be found in all paid versions of Reflect. MIG will prevent unauthorized modification of Macrium backup files on USB and local volumes. They cannot be encrypted with ransomware.

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You can rest assured that all your backups will be available for recovery in the event of an emergency. MIG, unlike other antivirus software products, is focused on protecting Macrium files. It is small in size and won’t slow down your computer’s performance. Additionally, it protects your backup files from unauthorized modifications.

MIG grants only write access to Macrium Reflect version 7.1.1 or later and any image tools we create. Other processes will not be granted write access.

MIG protects local NTFS volumes. Macrium Reflect version 7.1 or later can use the volume to share network resources.

Macrium Image Guardian protection architecture


Download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect which includes Macrium Image Guard for personal and commercial.