Locky Ransomware Removal Tool

What is Locky Ransomware exactly?

Locky malware can encrypt your files and demand ransom payments. How Locky ransomware attacks work and what you can do to prevent Locky from infecting your computer. Also, learn how strong anti-malware software can detect and block ransomware attacks.

It’s available for Android, iOS, and Mac

Locky targets victims by encrypting files, rendering them inaccessible and inaccessible. Then they demand a payment to restore things to normal. Cybercriminals will give victims a Locky ransomware encryption key, which they only have. This forces them to demand ransom.

From where does Locky come?

Locky uses social engineering to gain access to victims’ computers.email transmission vector of choice. This is the worst bit. ransomware virus first appeared in 2016 and quickly spread to many parts of the globe, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Los Angeles hospital was the victim of one of the first major attacks. They were forced to pay a ransom payment of $17,000. campaign for sustained success throughout the year, attacks on other healthcare institutions were continuing. There have been no other Locky attacks since then.

By analyzing some of Locky’s components, the Avast Threat Intelligence Team was able to uncover evidence linking the new ransomware to a notorious hacking collective known as Dridex.

How do I detect Locky ransomware?

A fraudulent email is sent to the target with a malicious attachment. This malicious attachment delivers Locky onto their computer. These emails disguise themselves as pay invoices and include subjects like “Upcoming Payment – 1 Month Notice”. People don’t like owing money and that is why they open these emails.

If you’re running an active anti-ransomware tool, it will handle the detecting for you. A reputable provider will provide strong protection against Locky and other ransomware.

What does Locky do?

After you have opened the email, you will be directed to download an attached file, which is often a Microsoft Word document. The contents of the document are intentional gibberish, and here’s where social engineering comes into play:

Once you have opened the attached document, it will prompt you to enable your Word macros for its contents to be displayed correctly. A macro can be thought of as a shortcut that performs an automated function. Following the prompt, enabling your macros activates a malicious program that installs Locky’s latest version on your computer.

Once this happens, all your files will be locked up. Locky’s ability to encrypt a wide range of files is one reason it is so dangerous. Locky can encrypt your computer’s source code and files in Microsoft Office. Files will be renamed, and their extensions will change to new ones. This could include. aesir or.Odin as well as.Osiris, the. thor, and even. locky.

Locky will then show you the ransom note for your region. You’ll be asked to install the Tor browser and transfer a fee in Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for the decryption key. As of November 2019, ransom requests range from 0.5 to 2.0 Bitcoins (BTC), approximately $4,000 to $8,000. Locky can even encrypt your BTC wallet if you have one!

How to get Locky ransomware removed

If you’re facing a Locky infection, an anti-malware program will be able to remove it along with any associated malware from your computer. Just open your antivirus software, and it will do the rest.

Note that removing ransomware will not decrypt and restore your files. Locky’s encryption methods are currently unsolved. Once Locky has access to your files, there is no way to fix them. While some ransomware strains can be defeated using Shadow Copy files from the Windows Volume Snapshot Service, or Avast’s free decryption keys for Windows, Locky is unable to resist all solutions.

You might have concluded that your files can be recovered if you pay the ransom. It is false. It is impossible to guarantee that Locky cybercriminals will keep their word. You are confirming their effectiveness and encouraging them to use their ransom money against more victims by agreeing to their ransom demands. Your ransom money may be used to finance future criminal activity.

To recover files from Locky infections, the only way to be sure is to you can restore them from an infected backup is crucial to keep your computer safe from hackers by performing regular backups.

How to stop Locky ransomware

Ransomware is a very difficult type of malware to remove once it has infected you. Prevention is the best strategy. Practice the following tips to keep your device safe from Locky and other ransomware:

  • Backup your files regularly: Backup your files regularly, regardless of whether you use a cloud service provider or an external drive. You should disconnect an external storage device if you have opted to back up your files. Locky can spread easily to other connected devices and networks. Make sure you put away your backup drive.
  • Do not download unauthenticated attachmentsCybercriminals who love email are counting on your downloading their attachments. Do not fall for their traps. Don’t open unauthenticated attachments and avoid clicking on links from emails sent by unknown senders.
  • Anti-malware tools are available: Trustworthy cybersecurity solutions will protect you from ransomware and other hacking attacks.
  • Make sure your software is up-to-date many malware attacks are based on security flaws in old software. Software patches and updates should be installed as soon as possible.
  • Disable macros in your Microsoft Office programs: Locky’s installation method kicks in when macros are enabled in the attached Word file. You can disable macros by default and never enable them again unless the document is absolutely safe.

Go to Word Open with Word open not forget to save>There are many options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Macro SettingsNext, select the macro settings you prefer.

These steps will not only prevent Locky but also other ransomware strains like Petya and Cerber.

Avast’s anti-ransomware solution will protect you

Avast Free Antivirus is your strongest ally in the fight against Locky ransomware. It will detect security flaws and outdated software to help you get your system up and running quickly. Smart analytics also allows you to stay ahead even of the latest threats.

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