Know What Is Wildcard SSL And Single Domain Certs

The main difference between the multi-domain Wildcard SSL and the single domain certificate is that the former can be used with various sub-domains of the same website while the latter is limited to a single website. Optimizing a website for search engines is becoming extremely difficult due to tough competition in business. To make it more favorable, webmasters usually create different pages for various products or categories, sometimes even for a blog to promote them individually. For an e-commerce website, every page should be secured and encrypted so that exclusive products or information don’t fall into the wrong hand. For such requirements, using multi-domain SSL certificates is a great option and they can be used on as many pages as you want without added costs.

The Benefits Of Securing Multiple Domains With SSL

Multiple domains can be used for any site. For example, a website which has various product categories under lifestyle brand may use men’s clothing, women’s clothing, apparels, accessories, perfumes among many other products. Besides, for a lifestyle store products, there may be event-based categories for specific occasions like wedding, birthday or religious festivals. With so many areas to cover, SSL is mandatory because products are being sold in each and every page. This is a point where multiple domains will become an important asset. Any type of domain, * or * will be encrypted once you specify the extension that you plan to use. It’s a valuable asset for all types of e-commerce sites and online retail shop owners to gain credibility among their customers.

Single Domain Usage

For businesses and organizations where information is provided in minimal quantity, single domains are more than enough to meet the need of the hour. The SSL certificate which is usually referred to as instant secure certificate can be readily purchased. It is issued with a short turnaround time by the certificate authority and can be easily implemented into the web page. If your business requires extended validation so as to establish a legitimate perspective to prospective customers, the EV cert will be a favorable option which will be priced slightly higher because of the verification process involved with it.