Know If SSL Certificate Is Properly Configured

Everything that you do as a retailer or e-commerce website owner should be targeted towards the consumer. Whatever changes that you make to your online shop should not only be visible to you but to the end-users in a proper way. After having installed a new SSL Certificate or renewing an expired one, there are different ways through which you can check when it is properly configured and working. The major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, google chrome, Comodo Dragon, safari, and opera are all compatible with the types of certs issued by a recognized certificate authority. There is always an option for private keys generated by a user yet those issued by the CA have better reliability, support, and credibility among consumers.

Expired And Renewal

Before you start focusing solely on your shopping trends and ways to develop your website’s reach, make sure to renew an SSL Certificate every year so as to be on the safer side. An automatic notification will be sent to your official e-mail id so that you can renew the cert earlier than required. For premium variants like the extended validation, it is mandatory that a prominent time is spent in verifying the company’s physical existence. After it is issued and configuration is complete, make sure you delete the cookies, history if required and refresh the browser to check if it is properly installed. Sometimes, users keep seeing the old web page and assume that encryption is not in place. Making unnecessary changes will waste your time if you are doing it all wrong.

Ways To Recheck SSL Installation

In Mozilla Firefox latest versions, the updates are even provided as an add-on. There are many third-party websites that you can search using search engines. All you need to do is enter your website name and it will scan the entire site for the presence of SSL certificates. A comprehensive and complete report will be produced at the end of the scan. The same tool will usually produce accurate results for all types of browsers but when settings vary, you can also try browser-specific tools as well.