Know How To Remove SSL Certificates From Exchange 2007

Sometimes, changing your SSL certificates from one server to another can become a tedious task. At times, the cert will not be properly uninstalled which will easily cause errors in the new server as well as the operating system that is being used. Once you know how to remove it properly and re-install the cert, you will be able to get it working to provide proper encryption solutions and provide the necessary notifications to customers who look forward to shop with you or share vital information. Before you proceed to know how to remove it from Exchange 2007, you should always know how to install it, configure it before moving to the final process.

Steps to install

  • The steps involved to install SSL certificates are simple. Navigate to Microsoft Management Console window through Run command. Simply type MMS in the bar and press ok. The console will open automatically.
  • In the file menu, hover over to add or remove snap in. This is where you will find the option to add certificates. Do it and proceed to select computer account. Choose local computer and then move again to add or remove snap in option. There you will find expand certificates folder which will bring up various options related to the free ssl cert or the paid one that you are using.
  • Once inside the option, right click and click on all tasks, then import to navigate to the certificate import wizard. Find the file using the browse option and open it. Then choose place all certs in the store. Finish the step and complete the final option in the Exchange management shell to activate it. The steps are almost the same for ev ssl as well.

Steps to remove/disable

The major steps are almost the same because you have to navigate to the same Exchange management shell to complete the job. When you do so, simply change the code into Remove-exchangecertificate –thumbprint xxxxxxxxxx and the disabling process will be commenced. Make sure that your IP is disconnected from the old cert and this step is also applicable for wildcard ssl as it will disable it entirely.