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Java vs JavaScript: Key Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Java is a programming language that can run on a variety of platforms and is focused on objects and networks. It is one of the programming languages that is utilised the most. In 1995, Sun Microsystem was the company that initially made this platform available for usage in the computing industry. Oracle Corporation ultimately decided to purchase the company.

Features of Java

The most important aspects of Java are listed below.

You only need to write the code once for it to work on practically any computer system.
It is intended to be used in the construction of object-oriented applications.
It is a language that can run several threads simultaneously and has automatic memory management.
Distributed computing is made easier by the fact that it is network-centric.
JavaScript’s Feature Set JavaScript’s Feature Set Features of JavaScript

Features of JavaScript

The following is a list of key Java-script features:

It can be used on multiple operating systems.
It is utilised extensively for both client-side and server-side applications.
Effective Procedures for Testing
It is simple to pick up and use to get started coding.
Added dependencies
Application of Java Questions on Stack Overflow Related to Application of Java JAVA vs Java Script
The following are significant uses of the Java programming language:

Application of Java

Enterprise-Level Software for Android Apps
Applications in the Field of Scientific Computing
Big Data Analytics
Programming in Java for various pieces of hardware
Used for Server-Side Technologies such as Apache, JBoss, GlassFish, and other similar programmes.
Utilization of the JavaScript Language
The following are some of the most significant uses of JavaScript:

Application of JavaScript

Applications that Only Use a Single Page That Are Dynamic (SPAs)
Java Script is the foundation for front-end technologies such as jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, and ReactJS.
Java Script is the foundation for a number of side technologies, including Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.
Development of mobile applications utilising PhoneGap, React Native, and other platforms.

What is JavaScript?

It is possible to develop interactive web pages with the help of JavaScript, which is a scripting language. Because it complies with the standards of client-side programming, it can execute in the web browser of the user without requiring any resources to be downloaded from the web server. It is also possible to utilise JavaScript in conjunction with other technologies such as REST APIs, XML, and many others. These days, JavaScript makes use of other technologies as well, such as Node.js.

JavaScript vs Java

A major difference Java and JavaScript is that Java is compiled and interpreted language while JavaScript code is directly executed by the browser

JavaScript vs Java

Parameters Java JavaScript
Variable Definition Java is a strongly typed language, so the variable should be declared first before using in the program. JavaScript is a weakly typed language, so its variable can be declared where they are used.
Type of language It is an object-oriented programming language. It is an object-based scripting language
Type of object Objects of Java are class-based, so you can’t create any program in java without developing a class. Objects are prototype-based.
Extension It has a file extension “.Java”. It has file extension “.js”
Compilation process It is interpreted as well as complied. Java translates source code into bytecodes. It is executed by JVM(Java Virtual Machine). All browser has the JavaScript interpreter, which allows you to execute JavaScript code.
Process Compiled on the server before execution on the client. Interpreted (not compiled) by the client.
Code type Object-oriented. Applets consist of object classes with inheritance. It is object-based. Code uses built-in, extensible objects but not uses any classes or inheritance.
Syntax Data types must be declared. Data types not declared.
Type of language Static Dynamic
Key Features
  • Great libraries
  • Widely used
  • Excellent tooling
  • Can be used on frontend/backend
  • It’s everywhere
  • Lots of great frameworks
Famous Company using the Technology Airbnb, Uber Technologies, Netflix, Instagram. Reddit, eBay, Coursera.
class A {
 public static void main(String args[]){
     System.out.println("Hello World");
    <title>My First JavaScript code!!!</title>
        alert("Hello World!");
Salary The average salary for a Java Developer is $103,464 per year in the US. The average salary for a JavaScript Developer is $113,615 per year in the US.
TOBIE Rating 1 6


Advantage of Java

The use of Java comes with the following advantages and advantages.

Detailed documentation is available.
A vast pool of talented programmers that are available.
Massive selection of libraries belonging to third parties
It enables the formation of standard programmes as well as code that may be reused.
Within a single instance of a software, you are able to multitask thanks to the presence of something called a multi-threaded environment.
Excellent performance
Libraries that are simple to navigate
The following is a list of the various advantages and positive aspects of utilising JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

It is a free and open-source software project that is supported by Microsoft.
Instrument developed specifically for use with shorter scripts
Supports classes, interfaces, & modules.
JavaScript that has been compiled can be executed in any browser.
Cross-compilation is supported.
You are able to expand JavaScript in order to write huge applications.
You can use JavaScript to save information on the user’s machine and then retrieve that information later.
Direct communication with the guests in real time
It gives you the ability to design user interfaces that respond in different ways depending on how the user moves their mouse.

Disadvantages of Java

The disadvantages of utilising the Java programming language are detailed here.

The JIT compiler contributes to the overall slowness of the programme.
Java has demanding needs for both memory and processing power. As a result, the cost of the hardware rises.
It does not offer support for low-level programming constructs such as pointers and does not have this capability.
Since Java does not include functions such as delete() and free, you do not have any influence on the garbage collection process ().

Disadvantages of JavaScript

The use of JavaScript has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Client-side The reading or writing of files is not supported by JavaScript. Due to concerns regarding safety, it has been preserved.
Applications that rely on networking cannot be written with JavaScript because there is insufficient support for this language.
There is no support for multithreading or multiple processors in the JavaScript programming language.