Important Features To Check When You Compare SSL

Before buying any product, buyers will always like to check the features and make sure that it provides value for money. This is a common scenario for most items while the task becomes utterly difficult for new consumers when opting to buy something technical like an SSL certificate.  Various types of secure certs issued by different certificate authorities will list the most common stuff and features that come with your purchase. Besides, unlike physical products, in the digital era, most things that you buy online are served and consumed digitally. Being aware of the technology trends and the various facets will allow you to make informed decisions.

Basic features

While some additional features are found exclusive in SSL certificates issued by specific certificate authorities, all of them share a set of basic features that will be found in any type of cert that you buy. They include 128-256 bit encryption module, maximum browser compatibility, technical support to install and configure it, speedy validation and issuance (might vary based on the type you choose, especially extended validation) and unlimited server licenses. Apart from this common stuff, you should also check company credibility, its reputation among consumers, and the period of existence.  Every CA provides a site seal that will be and should be displayed on your website. This visible indicator allows buyers to instantly recognize that you are using encrypted services.

Exclusive Features

Like any product, make sure to Compare SSL before you buy one. This will allow you to not only verify the basic features but also see if the exclusive ones that they offer are worth the investment. There are different types of secure certs available in the market. The main ones include domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation. From a pricing point of view, the EV is the most premium of all and will usually be on the highest price point with every certificate authority.