SSL Error

https www google com gws_rd ssl what does this mean?

In general, It’s normal. (google web server having redirected to google using SSL, i.e. HTTPS)

Sometimes, when you visit google the url will show you shows https www google com gws_rd ssl in the string. People get confused and they thought it as malware/virus, but absolutely it is normal and its not a virus.

It is not malware or any virus

We had  same ‘problem,’ when we try to access the site (Long ago while all the website forced to https/ssl encryption to make the users feel safe on surfing) and we can able to fix it simply. I found about 6 Years ago the same thing you saw today. I investigated and figured out Google had moved from http to https some time before. (I don’t know when) I looked at my web address and saw https at the top, then looked at my homepage settings and saw, so I modified it to and that fixed it.

Set your homepage to to address the issue, and make sure that it is NOT as that was the issue.

It is because redirects you to the latest and more stable https app.


This will make a difference, or not, but you can add twitter as well. And the url you want to link your homepage to will be

I have also found that this works on certain internet connections or browsers, and it doesn’t work on others. In order to make it work you would need to do the opposite of the above instructions. (Changing the http:// url, instead of https://)


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