How to Test Ransomware

Find out how vulnerable your network is to ransomware and crypto mining attacks.

Is your network effective at preventing ransomware from being downloaded when employees fall victim to social engineering attacks?
“RanSim,” a Ransomware Simulator developed by KnowBe4, provides a rapid assessment of the effectiveness of your current network protection measures.

RanSim will simulate 22 ransomware infection scenarios and one crypto mining infection scenario, and it will tell you if a workstation is vulnerable to either of these infections.

The following is how RanSim operates:
RanSim is a simulation tool.

The following is how RanSim operates:

Simulation of real-world ransomware and crypto mining infections that is completely harmless.

It does not make use of any of your files.

There are 23 different sorts of infection situations tested.

All you have to do is download and execute the installation.

Results in as little as a few minutes!

NOTE: This application was designed for Windows-based workstations running Windows 7 or higher. RanSim makes no changes to any existing files on the computer’s hard drive. RanSim performs an enumeration of all files on the local drive as part of the simulation (s). Simulation data files are obtained from the Internet to perform encryption.

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Ransomware Is a Type of Malware
Ransomware is described as malicious software that locks users out of their computers or prevents them from accessing their files unless a quantity of money, or ransom, is paid to the perpetrators. A ransomware assault results in system downtime and data loss, as well as the possibility of intellectual property theft; in some industries, such an attack is considered a data breach.