How To Request An SSL Certificate?

How To Request An SSL Certificate? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How To Order An SSL Certificate?

With the correct preparation, ordering an SSL certificate may be a breeze. Before making your order, you should usually generate a CSR and prepare your WHOIS record and corporate validation documentation. The procedure for ordering a certificate is as follows:

  • Prepare by setting up your server and updating your WHOIS record (which must reflect the correct firm name and address), among other things.
  • On the server, create the CSR.
  • Send the CSR and other required information to the Certificate Authority.
  • Validate your domain and business.
  • Receive and install the certificate that was given.

What do I need to have before buying an SSL certificate?

A unique IP address. Because of the way the SSL protocol is set up, each certificate you intend to use will require its own IP address. If you don’t, your site will be inaccessible to some older devices and browsers.

You can use a Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure several subdomains on a single IP address. If you have numerous domain names on one IP address, you can use a UC Certificate to secure them. To do so, you’ll need to enable SSL Host Headers.

A CSR (certificate signing request) is a piece of text that must be generated on your web server before an SSL certificate can be ordered. The certificate authority will create your certificate using the information given in the CSR (organization name, domain name, public key, and so on).

In the WHOIS record, the contact information is correct. When you order a certificate for a specific domain name, the certificate authority must verify that you control the domain name for which the certificate is being ordered and that you are authorized to order the certificate. This is done mostly by verifying that the firm name and address given with the certificate order match the WHOIS data (the ownership and contact information associated with each domain name). Some CAs will contact the phone number indicated in the WHOIS record, while others will send an email to the address listed there, so double-check your information. You may look up your domain name’s WHOIS record here.

Validation documentation for businesses and organizations. If you want to obtain a high-assurance certificate, you must first validate your company. Certificate authorities frequently search government databases online to verify that your company is registered, but if they can’t discover your company, they may still want you to send in government registration paperwork. Each certificate authority has slightly different validation requirements. Try utilizing one of these internet searches to see if your company is correctly listed and active with your government. You will need to give considerably more documents if you are purchasing an EV certificate. After you place your order, your certificate supplier will let you know what you need to provide.

How To Request An SSL Certificate? – How long does it take to get my certificate?

The speed with which you receive your certificate is determined by the type of certificate you obtain and the certificate provider from whom you obtain it. You will receive a domain-validated only certificate within a few minutes if you order one. If you get a standard, organization-validated certificate, you can expect to receive it within an hour to a few days after submitting all of the required documents. If you receive an extended validation certificate (EV), you may have to wait several days to a few weeks for the validation to complete.