How to Protect Your Public Wi-Fi Connections?

If you’re like most mobile device users, you enjoy the freedom that comes with having the ability to link up with public Wi-Fi connections. However, even if you have a free internet security program installed on your computer, did you know that your computer is still highly at risk for identity thefts to easily hack into your computer?

The numbers don’t lie – approximately 5 million people fall victim to having their identities stolen online each year. And most of these attacks come through public Wi-Fi connections. The worst thing about this is that virtually every connection and identity theft occurs without you ever knowing that some low life thief is stealing your private files.

So the question that must be asked is how to protect your public Wi-Fi connection in a way that will prevent these hackers from stealing your private information or other people from accessing your privacy. The solution is to install a reliable safety shield such as Comodo’s TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security program; which is designed to provide a solid private connection for your computer or mobile device even in public Wi-Fi hot spots.

The TrustConnect takes your current internet security program and provides a solid boost to your connection safe and secure every time you connect. Some of the key features of this advanced Internet Security program include:

  • TrustConnect Wi-Fi internet security encrypts your computer data which is transmitted through hard-wired and wireless connections. This ensures that no matter what type of connection you have, the connection cannot be accessed by any wireless or hard-wired hackers. This is critical especially in public locations such as Hotels, Airports and Café locations that often share the same public connection.
  • The TrustConnect Wi-Fi internet security program will also create a private connection that hides all surfing activity no matter where you are connected. For people who take their online activities and their privacy seriously, this is a huge benefit. Nothing is worse than having somebody viewing private websites that you connect to on a public network.
  • TrustConnect Wi-Fi security is powered by 128-bit encryption which does not impact your computer speed, connectivity ability or impact any files on your computer. Unlike many other security programs, the TrustConnect doesn’t use up bandwidth.
  • This solid connection provider is even more powerful when you combine a top-shelf Firewall such as the Firewall Pro 2013 provided by Comodo to create the ultimate internet security protection possible.

When you’re a person that spends more time on the road than at home, or you love to connect to public Wi-Fi connections, you simply can’t take the risk of having a computer session hacked by a thief who is waiting to steal your personal information, files and documents.

It is for this specific reason that installing any free internet security program should also be followed by downloading an affordable TrustConnect Wi-Fi program. For less than $5.00 per year, you can have the peace of mind knowing that every public connection you have is secure – safe – and free of any potential threats. This will keep your private information secure, reduce the chance of having your identity stolen, and can save you thousands of dollars in legal costs and the hassle of trying to rebuild your credit and identity.