How To Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate ?

How To Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to install an SSL certificate in GoDaddy cPanel?

Comodo CA is a large certificate authority that is powered by Sectigo. GoDaddy is a well-known hosting and web solutions company. You’re probably already aware of both entities if you’re reading an article about how to install a Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy. So, without further ado, here’s how to use GoDaddy to install a Comodo SSL certificate.

Where do I get my certificate?

The certificate must first be activated and the domain validation process completed before it can be used. A CSR code is required for SSL activation. During SSL activation, you have the option of using a CSR code produced in the browser. If you want to do it in the GoDaddy cPanel, please see this article.

The certificate will be issued and emailed to your SSL order administrative contact email address once the aforementioned steps have been completed. You can also get it from your account by clicking on the certificate number and then hitting the ‘Download’ option.

How to install a Comodo SSL Certificate in GoDaddy?

Comodo SSL certificates are an excellent addition to any GoDaddy cPanel site. Installing a premium Comodo SSL certificate on your server emphasizes your sharp intelligence and refined sense of style. The green padlock truly sets off an address bar, and it gives you a sense of security. Comodo SSL certificates go hand in hand with Comodo Secure Site Seals, resulting in a genuinely magnificent aesthetic that can enchant even the most jaded of hearts with a strong sense of trust.

Simply follow these steps to create a Comodo SSL certificate for your GoDaddy cPanel website. Don’t forget to mention us on social media as well. #SiteGoals #WebsiteBling

Here’s how to set up an SSL certificate on GoDaddy without further ado.

How to Add an SSL Certificate in cPanel?

You must obtain a Comodo SSL certificate before you can install it in GoDaddy. If you already have one, skip forward to the step-by-step instructions below. If not, take a look at our top-rated Comodo CA SSL certificates. We provide the highest-quality certificates at the most competitive pricing in the business.

1.Log into your GoDaddy account. We shouldn’t have to say that, but given that this is the internet, it would be naive to think that everyone isn’t a moron.
2.Select cPanel admin from the drop-down menu.
3.Install the Comodo SSL certificate in your GoDaddy cPanel.

4.Click Generate, View, Upload, or Delete SSL Certificates under Certificates.

5.Select the certificate you wish to upload in the Upload certificates section and click Upload Certificate.

6.Go back to the previous page by clicking Go Back on the next page.

7.At the bottom of the following page, click Return to SSL Manager.

8.Click Manage SSL Sites under Install and Manage SSL for your site. How to Install Comodo SSL in GoDaddy (Graphic)

9.Select Browse Certificates under Install an SSL website.

10.Click Use Certificate after selecting the Comodo SSL certificate you’re installing.

11.Install the certificate by clicking the Install button.

12.Click the OK button.