How to Generate CSR and Install SSL Certificate on Zimbra Mail Server

The method to create SSL Certificate CSR Install on Zimbra Mail Server

Carry out the following steps to create the CSR and install the Zimbra Mail Server SSL Certificate

Steps to Create CSR on Zimbra Mail Server

  • Sign in to your Admin Console in Zimbra
  • From the left pane, press Setup
  • Then, press the Certificates button.
  • The Setting button in the top right corner, press here and then click the Certificate Install button
  • The Wizard for Installing Certificates appears.
  • In Select the Target Server, pick the server name first from the dropdown list. (Server name is the domain name you want the CSR to be built for) and press Next button.
  • Click on Generate the CSR for the commercial certificate authorizer and click on the Next button from the Choose the Install option.
  • Turn by turn fill in the following details.
  1. Digest: From dropdown menu , select sha256
  2. Core Duration: Choose 2048
  3. Common name: add a domain name to your account
  4. State Name: add the country code in two letters
  5. State or province (S): add the name of your company located in the State
  6. Locality or Town (L): add name to town
  7. Organisation (O): Your organization’s actual name
  8. Organizing Unit (OU): add your Business Unit
  9. Alternative Subject Name (optional): If you wish to protect several domains, add the SAN domain name.


  • Click the Download button.
  • The CSR file that was developed, click the Download the CSR link to download the CSR and save it to a location.
  • The process of generating CSR has ended, moving now to the next phase for installing SSL.

Steps to mount SSL on mail server Zimbra

  • Sign in to your Admin Console in Zimbra
  • From the left pane, press Setup
  • Then, press the Certificates button.
  • The Setting button at the top right corner, click here and then click on Certificate Download
  • The Wizard Certificate Installation appears.
  • Select the server name from the Target Server list, and click Next button.
  • Click Install the Commercially Signed Certificate from the Choose Install choice
  • And click Next button.
  • It displays CSR information, checks it, and clicks the Next button.
  • Now, in the Download Certificate section you need to browse to find CA Certificate or
  • Server Certificate, Root Certificate, and Intermediate Certificate; click the Next button once you’ve installed all of them.


  • To install the Certificate files on Zimbra Server, press the Update button.
  • The device will be notified once the process is complete as the certificate has been activated
  • Restart server Zimbra.

Eventually, the Zimbra Mail Server enabled certificate and your website will be ready to launch in HTTPS:/ version.