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How To Create SSL Certificate For Website?


Background Information

Before you can encrypt your web traffic with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), you’ll need an SSL certificate, which you’ll correlate with your ServerTemplate. Third-party certificate authorities typically issue SSL certificates for production servers (CAS).

A CSR (certificate signing request) including encrypted corporate and website information is required before a certificate authority will issue an SSL certificate.


The basic processes for obtaining an SSL server certificate from a CA and assigning it to a ServerTemplate are as follows:

  1. Create a private key file and a certificate signing request (CSR) for your web server.
  2. Give the contents of your CSR to the certificate authority.
  3. Connect your RightScale ServerTemplate to the SSL server certificate you acquired from the CA. (For further information, see How do I set up SSL?.)

Using OpenSSL, you may produce the required public CSR and private key. You can run a command string like this after connecting to a server instance through SSH:

The following are some of the third-party certificate authorities (CAs) that issue SSL certificates:

  • Symantec is a security software company.
  • VeriSign is a digital signature company.
  • Thawte is a term used to describe a person who
  • InstantSSL (Secure Socket Layer) (Comodo)
  • Put your faith in
  • GeoTrust is a brand that you can trust.
  • GoDaddy is a web hosting company that specializes


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