How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail?


Gmail has quickly risen to become one of the most popular email services for both small and large enterprises. As a service provider that did not have the necessary capacity to supply users with 1GB of space when it was first launched in 2004, it generated an aura around the technological community through its invite-only framework.

Over the years, it has evolved from being a personal email provider to becoming the chosen email provider for businesses of all sizes, large and small. This is convenient for you because it only requires you to open a new browser tab and put in the word “Gmail.” And there you are – ready to rock and roll for the rest of the day!:)

The huge number of functions offered by Gmail are rarely used by even the most devoted users – a case in point is Gmail’s signature feature (don’t look at us if you’re hearing this for the first time!)

Learn how to add signatures to your new emails and responses in this blog post about Gmail signatures. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Why is a Gmail Signature Important?

Here are three reasons why a Gmail signature might be far more beneficial to you than you may realize.

1. Makes You Easily Recognizable

When your recipients forward your email, your signature will stand out if it contains your email address, contact numbers, website address, and other pertinent information. Imagine having to sift through a large number of emails to find the names and email addresses of those who were engaged in the incident.

2. Doubles Up as a Visiting Card

A Gmail signature is similar to a visiting card or a business card in that it provides vital information to the people who receive it. Through the use of a Gmail signature, you are extending the number of ways in which your business connections can contact you as well as friends and relatives, leads, prospects, customers, and other receivers.

3. Provides Authenticity

In today’s world, it is quite easy for your email to get marked as spam. That is detrimental to your business, personal relationships, and sense of self-worth. A Gmail signature adds valuable validity to your emails by alerting your recipients that the email they are receiving is real.

How to Add A Signature in Gmail?

Here are several methods for adding an email signature to Gmail on an Apple MacBook while using the Google Chrome web browser.

Step 1: Logging Into Gmail

Start by opening a new tab in your Google Chrome browser and typing in the word “Gmail.”

On Gmail, how to add a signature | Paperflite | Open Gmail in Google Chrome

Now, take note of the Settings button, which is located on the far right of the Gmail window.

Instructions on how to add a signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Gmail Preferences

To access the Settings menu, select it and then scroll down.

Instructions on how to add a signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Gmail Preferences

Step 2: Moving to the Gmail Settings

To create a new Gmail Signature, navigate to the Settings tab, General settings, and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to the ‘Signature’ section.

How to include a signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Configuration

Here’s an example of how a Gmail signature might look:

Instructions on how to add a signature to Gmail | Paperflite | Gmail Signature Example

STEP 3: Working on the Signature Font

Now, let’s take a look at how to make use of the signature editor in Gmail. You can customize your Gmail signature text by selecting a font, increasing or decreasing the font size, and editing the font style using the available choices.

How to include a signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Change the font size

Using the hyperlink option, you may even create links between your website and your email.

How to add a signature to Gmail | Paperflite | Create a Hyperlink to your signature

Using the alignment settings, you may align your Gmail signature to your taste, and you can even include bullets or quotes in your signature.

How to add a signature to Gmail | Paperflite | How to align text in a document

Keep in mind that once you’ve finished making all of your changes, you must click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page for your Gmail signature to take effect.

In Gmail, you can add a signature by using Paperflite and then saving the changes.

Is it possible to include a signature in a Gmail reply?

Default settings apply to all of your answers and forwards, which means that your signature will be appended to them. You may, however, adjust the way they appear on the screen. Here’s how to go about it:

The Gmail signature field is flanked by a checkbox that reads ‘Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that follows it,’ which is visible below the signature box. You can append your Gmail signature to all of your replies after deleting the little ‘dashes’ that appear when you uncheck this option.

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How to Insert a Signature in a Gmail Reply?

The following tutorial will show you how to include an image in your Gmail email signature.

What is the purpose of including a photograph in your signature? For the simple reason that it makes you appear cool.:)

Scroll down to the Signature section of the Gmail Settings menu. To access the image symbol next to the hyperlink button, click on it.

Gmail provides you with the ability to insert an image from your Google Drive or upload from your computer, as well as to enter a URL from the internet, among other things.

In Gmail, you may use Paperflite to create a signature by uploading a picture.

Make the image the size you want it to be to have a professional-looking signature.

How to Insert an Image in a Gmail signature?

Let’s take a look at how to create a signature in Gmail that includes your company logo. It’s very similar to the process of including a profile image in a Gmail signature. Here’s how to go about it.

Create an image using your logo from Google’s My Drive, upload it from your local computer, or include a web address.

How to include a signature in Gmail | Paperflite | How to include a signature in Gmail that includes a logo

Afterwards, you can scale down the size of your corporate logo image to meet the specifications of your Gmail signature.

How to Add a signature in Gmail with a Logo?

Simply click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page, and you’re done!

Instructions on how to add a signature to the Gmail Android application.

The majority of us now check our personal and work emails on our mobile phones and answer them as soon as possible. So, let’s have a look at how to add a signature to an email message via the Gmail app on an Android device.

Open the Gmail personal or work app (to which you’d like to add an email signature) and click on the three horizontal lines at the top-left of the app to access the email signature settings. Scroll to the bottom of the options menu to find it.