How To Configure SSL Certificates Properly?

Not everyone can be tech-savvy but when you know the basic configuration procedure, you can handle your website and business much easier. Besides, gaining knowledge is always useful especially when you look forward to branding your establishment in the digital world. Abbreviated as Secure Sockets Layer, the purpose of using them is to encrypt vital data shared over the internet. Anyone who may try to intercept it will not gain any information because it will not be readily readable. Here, you can know more about how to configure SSL certificates and use them on your website.

Installing SSL Certificates

For the convenience of users, the process is very simple and will require minimum interaction from your side. As soon as you complete purchasing the best SSL Certificate, you will receive an email notification. The purpose of the mail is to send them all the required files in a convenient format. Download your main files as well as intermediate certificates before beginning the installation process. Based on your server software, the installation procedure will vary.

There are simple methods in some servers which run on Windows or Linux. You will have to just upload the SSL certificates file in the required column and it will start running in your page instantly. The certificate authority is responsible for providing all basic support. They will guide you in a step by step manner. As said above, there are different types of server software. The most commonly seen ones include,

    • Plesk panel
    • Microsoft IIS 5,6 & 7
    • Mac OS X Server
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
    • cPanel WebHost manager

Even though there are other applications, these are the widely used variants and you can configure them based on specific instructions. Moreover, you should also take up the responsibility to renew SSL certificates before the expiry date. Sometimes, malicious codes may enter at an unexpected moment and if certs are not valid, the risk factor will rise.


For certified authorities, simply go to Configuration- SSL certificates and create a new one in New SSL Certificate request. You will be required to answer questions based on your company, residence, and validity of existence. Once you export the same, you have to send it to the CA to get it signed. The final step is to import it and click Set as Active.