How SSL Certificates Power Business Success?

Today’s online shopping world is all about developing positive customer/business relationships. And one of the easiest ways to develop this important relationship is by providing a safe and secure online shopping experience by using trustworthy SSL Certificates such as the ones Comodo provides. This shows smart online shoppers that the Wildcard SSL Certificate that is installed on your business website will ensure the security of their personal information – nobody will be able to steal it online.

There are many different ways that a business develops trust with their customers. From being 100% transparent with the customers about the products, goods, and services they provide, to simply taking the proactive measures of installing a free SSL certificate to kick-start online protection – it is crucial these days to develop trust with your customers. A recent online survey stated that over 75% of online shoppers will only buy products from a website that displays a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate. Imagine how much business you are missing out if your online business website does not have a reliable SSL certificate?

There are 3 reasons why installing EV SSL or other reliable SSL Certificates on your website equate to online business success:

SSL Certificates give consumers the confidence to shop online

The last thing that any online shopper should worry about is whether or not there is a criminal who can access personal information on the other end of the transaction. This is eliminated when an online business uses a reliable Wildcard SSL program. Identity theft is a huge issue across the world today. And most of the time, the individual identity is stolen when shoppers enter their private information such as credit card numbers, addresses, birthdates, and even passwords on a non-secured website.

However, when a company installs a reliable and trustworthy Free SSL Certificate or upgraded certificate, their customer has the confidence to spend their money on that website. When they don’t see that trustworthy seal on your website – they will choose to shop elsewhere.

SSL Certificates provide businesses security from unwanted hacks

Taking care of your customers is one thing – but providing added security with EV SSL and other reliable certificates for your company is another. SSL Certificates encrypt your website to ensure that nobody can hack inside your server and steal your private information. What would happen to your business if you’re vital sales and marketing research was hacked by a competitor and displayed on the internet for everybody to download? In a word – it could ruin your company, your reputation, and even destroy consumer confidence.

This is another reason why using a reliable SSL Certificate is vital for online business success.