How Should I Buy my SSL Cert?

Anxiety over whether or not your website is encrypted and protected against eavesdropping? You’re not alone! A recent survey by W3Techs found that as of May 2019, 61% of all websites are not using SSL/TLS. So what’s the big deal?

SSL/TLS is a protocol used to secure the connection between your website and browsers. When you visit a website, your browser sends information such as your IP address, browser type, and other cookies to the website. The website can then use this information to identify you and track your movements around the web. However, if the website is using SSL/TLS, the browser will encrypt this information before sending it to the website. This means that even if someone were to intercept the data while it was in transit, they would be unable to read it.

Now that you know why SSL/TLS is important, it’s time to figure out how to buy a certificate! There are a few different ways to go about buying a certificate: you can buy one from a third-party provider like Let’s Encrypt, or you can create your own self-signed certificate. Whichever route you decide to take, make sure you research which options are

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are used to ensure the security of data transmissions over the internet. When you visit a website that uses an SSL certificate, your browser will show a green lock in the address bar. This indicates that the website is using a secure connection.

SSL certificates are bought and sold through third-party providers. There are several different types of SSL certificates, and each offers different levels of security. You shouldbuy your certificate from a provider that is accredited by the CA/Browser Forum (CABF). The CA/Browser Forum is an organization that sets standards for the certification of web browsers and SSL services.

To buy an SSL certificate, you’ll need to provide your name, company name, email address, phone number, and the name of the domain for which you’re purchasing the certificate. The provider will then contact you to go over your purchase details and provide you with a digital certificate file.

Once you’ve purchased your certificate, make sure to install it on all of your devices. You can install the certificate on your computer by running the installation files that were provided to you by your provider or by downloading them from the website where you bought your certificate. You can also install the certificate on your mobile device by following the

What are the benefits of buying an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are an important part of website security. They protect your website from being accessed by unauthorized users, and they also help ensure that your information is safe when it is transmitted over the internet. In order to buy an SSL certificate, you first need to decide which benefits you want it to provide for your website.

Some of the benefits of buying an SSL certificate include:

  • It can protect your website from being accessed by unauthorized users.
  • It can help ensure that your information is safe when it is transmitted over the internet.
  • It can improve the overall look and feel of your website.
  • It can make it easier for people to find and use your website.
  • It can make your website more search engine friendly.

There are a number of different types of SSL certificates available, and each offers its own set of benefits. If you’re not sure which option is best for your website, speak to a qualified security consultant or shop around for certificates until you find one that meets your needs.

How to buy an SSL Certificate?

If you’re thinking about buying an SSL certificate, now is a good time. The prices for certificates have fallen sharply in the past few months, and there are a lot of options available. You can buy a certificate from a certification authority (CA), or you can buy one from a third-party provider.

To buy a certificate from a CA, you first need to get an SSL certificate request (CSR) from your web site. A CA will then issue you a certificate based on your CSR. To buy a certificate from a third-party provider, you first need to create an account with that provider. From there, you can purchase certificates using their online tools.

The best way to find out whether buying an SSL certificate is right for your business is to speak with an expert. You can contact the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBB) at 1-888-282-7226 or go to for more information about buying an SSL certificate.


If you’re looking to buy a SSL certificate, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the vendor you choose is reputable and has a good track record. Second, research the different types of certificates available and pick the one that best suits your needs. And finally, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the certificate before buying it so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.