How Much Does it Cost to Get an SSL Certificate?

How Much Does it Cost to Get an SSL Certificate?  – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

The price range for SSL certificates, here’s what you need to know

Are you a website developer or business owner trying to figure out how much you’ll spend on SSL certificates?

It’s not possible to give an accurate figure right off the bat because the cost of SSL certificates varies based on numerous factors. The cost of SSL certificates varies depending on the type of certificate you request, the number of domains or subdomains you wish to protect, the issuing authority, the validity period, etc.

In this article, we will explore briefly the various factors which determine the cost of the SSL certificate and give you a ballpark figure for what it could cost.

Factors that determine the cost of an SSL Certificate

The following are the primary factors that determine the cost of SSL certificates.

Types of SSL Validation

Three levels of SSL certificates are available, based on their level of assurance. The following are the three types of validation based on their Hierarchy position.

Validated SSL domain:

This is the degree of validation that is most important. It simply checks for the applicant’s right to use the domain. Within a few minutes, it can be processed and the user only needs to verify that they own the website. They’re extremely cheap, costing under $50 a year.


This type of certificate verifies the website’s ownership along with the name and details of the organization. To confirm the identity of the company you must have additional documents. They cost less than $100 a year, in general.


This is the most advanced Certificate type available. To show that your company is a legal entity you must have detailed business records. As a result, this certificate allows your website to have the business name in the URL and the padlock sign. That is the ultimate safety badge. This type of certificate may take a few days for processing, but e-commerce platforms and websites that deal with confidential information are highly recommended. These are the most costly SSL certificate, which normally cost more than $100 a year.

Secured domains and sub-domains

In addition to the validation forms, the cost of the SSL certificate can also differ depending on the number of domains or sub-domains that the certificate may secure.

Standard Certificates:

This is the most basic attestation. Just a single domain can be secured. It’s also the cheapest as a result.

Wildcard Certificates:

Within a single primary domain, WildCard SSL Certificates can be used to protect infinite subdomains. Depending on the level of validation these can get expensive. They do not come in EV.

Certificates Multi domain / SAN / UCC:

Multi-Domain Certificates can be securing multiple primary domains simultaneously. They are the most advanced and costliest SSL certificate type.

Certificate Validity Length

SSL Certificates are eligible for purchase for periods of up to two years. The longer the validity period the certificate costs would get cheaper. For instance, if you get a certificate directly for 2 years it will be cheaper than it would be if you get a certificate for 1 year and then continue to renew it.

Authority for Certificates

The aforementioned SSL certificates are issued by several different Certificate Authorities on the market. They all have their own pricing structures too.

Best Place to Buy SSL Certificates

Comodo / Sectigo is one of the best Authorities to purchase SSL certificates from. They are one of the most reputable CAs in the world and are also extremely reasonable in comparison with other CAs.

In addition, if you use their multi-year renewal option you can substantially reduce the total cost of SSL certificates. Under that option, you get extra validity if you renew the certificate early as the remaining days from the previous certificate are applied to your new certificate.

Renewing SSL up to 15 days before expiry 1 additional renewal month
Renewing SSL up to 45 days before expiry 2 additional renewal month
Renewing SSL up to 90 days before expiry 3 additional renewal month