How does the Latest Google Update Impact the Traffic on your Website?

Google seems to have followed the slogan of making this internet a safe and stable environment for us all. They were rolling back to back updates which labelled websites without SSL certificates. According to Google’s Security page, Google has declared a July 2018 deadline as the date for Chrome to display a warning message to users visiting the website that Google is set to make another major update. This ensures that you do not have an SSL Certificate protected on your website. When the user clicks on your page, a message from Not Protected in red colour will surface.


What will be changed by

Not Safe “will be flagged regardless of the login page or websites without login.”
Personal blogs, news websites , social media websites, e-commerce websites, business websites and some sort of internet website may be impacted.

How to fix this

Based on your niche or company pick the best SSL credential. Here’s our wizard to help you pick the correct SSL badge.
Install this SSL credential on your web server with the aid of SSL modules or get a support service from our technical team if you are well versed in the technological aspects.

Bottom line

Turning from HTTP to HTTPS on your website generates trust in your guests. Many people will ask “Which SSL should I choose? The list of the most popular items from which you can select is available below.

Product Ideal for
Comodo Positive SSL (EV) Payment Gateways
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard (DV) Multiple Domains
GeoTrust QuickSSL Blog