Guide to Website Security

Website security is important! About why?

For commercial or personal uses, operating a website allows one to ensure that the websites are absolutely secure. There are a variety of reasons for guaranteeing website protection, a few of which are listed below:

  • Prevents malware attacks on your website
  • To avoid the sending of phishing emails from your website
  • Get a higher rating for SEO (google)
  • Protects the organization against cyber threats & protects against the loss of sensitive information
  • To build confidence among your customers that the transaction is safe & safe through your website

Results-If your website isn’t healthy!

Only trust me! If your website is not stable & vulnerable to attack by hackers, the results you will achieve are not outstanding. You could end up losing your business / startup. If your website is not safe, then attackers will target your website and collect your clients’ sensitive data.

There is a very wide variety of hacking software available to hackers. Those that are essential are:

(MITM) Middle Assault Man

  • This is where information is obtained from the browser of your website & customer.

Malware Uploads

  • This involves ransomware being inserted into the website by code vulnerabilities.

Ways to make your website secure:

As the vulnerability to cyber security has risen in the past, there has also been a similar rise in the number of strategies to provide cyber security. But there are two key ways to protect the website that we will describe:

  • Switch from HTTPs to HTTPs
  • Using a protective seal for the website for malware detection

SSL Certificate

Moving to “https” from “http” is the most popular means of defending the website. SSL certificates are used to achieve this.

  • By default, rather than https, the websites are hosted on http. HTTP is not secure. You can quickly attack the data exchange between a web page and a web server.
  • HTTPs establish a safe, secured link between the web browser and the website such that data exchanged between them can not be intercepted.
  • Since SSL is not enough for protection, Google has made it very clear that SSL plays a very important role in their website’s SEO rankings.
  • SSL isn’t costly and it’s easy to use. Visit for more assistance to learn how to build the SSL Certificate.

Website security seal

  • The protection feature of the website seal monitors your website for viruses uploaded by attackers
  • For the website, it is equivalent to an anti-virus. Since anti-virus forbids the entry to the software to any malicious code, the security seal bans the malware
  • The security seal warns you of the detected malware, if any. After its discovery, you can successfully delete it.
  • The quality of service defines which website security seal you can need

The cost of keeping my website secure?

The cost is as low as Rs. 5/- a day for an SSL license. Visit us for this pocket-friendly deal to purchase SSL Certificates.