Guide for Generating CSR and Installing SSL Certificate on BigCommerce

Step by Step Guide to Generating CSR and Installing BigCommerce SSL Certificates

Please mark the following points before commencing the process

  • Bought / Renewed an SSL Certificate from a genuine, trusted SSL Certificate Provider or Certificate Authority (BigCommerce will not accept self-signed SSL certificates).
  • Just Pro or Enterprise users can install the SSL from a third party, update the plan according to the requirements.
  • Hold the power of Encryption as 2048-bit or 4096-bit.
  • Hold the function value for Hash as SHA-2 (SHA 256)


Generate CSR on BigCommerce

Perform following steps on BigCommerce for a fast generation of CSRs.

  • Sign in as Owner to your BigCommerce account
  • Go to Settings on Server > SSL Certificate.
  • Now press CSR-Generate.
  • Add, one by one, the required information.
  1. Approve Email: From the dropdown list, pick Approve Email Address (CSR is sent here).
  2. Common Name (CN): Add a Common Name, a fully qualified domain name that you wish to protect
  3. Name of the organisation (O): Organization name
  4. Organizational Unit (OU): Organizational Structure / Department
  5. Local (L): name of the town from your company address
  6. State / Province (S): State name from the address of your organization
  7. Country Code (C): add the country code of two letters ISO (e.g., US, UK, IN, etc.)
  • You’ll have the CSR on your screen after you have added the necessary detail.
  • Now copy your content from —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and paste it into a new file, save it to your physical drive (or server) and the name is as your.csr domain name.

Note: BigCommerce will also e-mail you the CSR.

Steps for BigCommerce SSL Certificate Setup

Once you complete the SSL issuance process by validating your domain and company, your Certificate Authority will provide you with the SSL files via email.

  • The CA will include the files for SSL Certificates and Intermediate Certificates.
  • Now use a text editor to open the documents.
  • From the control panel at BigCommerce,
  • Click Server Settings > SSL Certificate > Install SSL on a third party.
  • Now, here you need to add one by one the encrypted SSL and Intermediate Certificate info.
  • And then, click SSL Certificate Install.
  • Both files built on BigCommerce are certificates.


Finally, your SSL enabled and the HTTPS:/ protocol working on your website.

Steps to Install BigCommerce SSL Certificate on Multi-Domain or Wildcard

You need a private key file to install the Multi-domain or wildcard SSL Certificate, and for that, you need to use this free CSR Generator tool that gives both the CSR and Private Key File.

The BigCommerce CSR generator tool does not provide the Private Key file which is essential for the process of deployment.

  • Open procedure https:/
  • Fill in the data required one by one
  • You’ll have your computer with the CSR and Private key.
  • Copy their data one by one and save them as .cer and .key in an individual file with the format respectively.
  • Now press Server Settings > SSL Certificate > Migrate existing ones from the BigCommerce store
  • Here, you need to add one by one the encrypted SSL Certificate, Private Key, and Intermediate Certificate details.

Finally, BigCommerce will be successfully installed on your Multi-Domain or Wildcard SSL Certificate.