GPU Benchmark

10+ BEST GPU Benchmark Software for PC (Free/Paid) in 2022

In computing, a GPU benchmark is a test that may be used to compare the speed, performance, and efficiency of different graphics processing units. Using the benchmarking software, you may determine the performance of various hardware components in the GPU, such as random access memory (RAM), GPU cycle, processing throughput, and so on. Many of these applications allow you to test the speed of your disc by experimenting with different caching configurations, file and block sizes, and other parameters.

BEST GPU Benchmark Software

Name Supported platforms Link
👍 AIDA64 Extreme Windows, iOS, and Android platforms Learn More
PassMark Windows and Android. Learn More
Geekbench macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. Learn More

The following is a chosen list of the best GPU Benchmark tools and software, along with descriptions of their most popular features and links to their respective websites. The following list includes both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software:

1) AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is a GPU benchmark software that offers thorough information on the components of the computer system. All of the information provided by this software can be stored in one of three formats: CSV (Comma Separated Values), HTML, or XML.


There are more than 50 pages of information about the installed programmes, software licences, and other such things in this GPU benchmark software.
It delivers information on the internals of a computer without the need to open it.
To analyse system RAM bandwidth, it is possible to use multi-threaded memory and cache.
It contains a panel that may be utilised with a variety of graphs and custom visuals that are related to sensor information.
AIDA64 Extreme is capable of displaying data on devices such as LCDs or VFDs (Variable Frequency Drive).

2) PassMark

In terms of GPU benchmark software, PassMark is one of the better options available. It allows you to compare the performance of your PC to that of other similar systems. It makes it simple to look through baseline databases that have been supplied by others.


With the help of this video card benchmark programme, you may run GPU performance tests directly from a USB flash drive.
Allows you to test the speed of your disc by experimenting with different cache configurations, file and block sizes.
This free 3D video card benchmark tool allows you to measure the performance of your 3D video card.
TCP/IP is a network protocol that can be used to measure the network speed between two computers.
This GPU Benchmark Software allows you to measure the read and write speeds of your RAM and graphics cards.
Performance testing can be found at

3) Geekbench

One mouse click is all it takes to assess computer performance with Geekbench, which is a freeware programme. This free benchmark testing tool can be used to determine the power consumption of multi-core and single-core processors.


Geekbench is a programme that allows you to test your computer’s capabilities for image processing and gaming.
This is one of the greatest GPU benchmarks available, and it allows you to share your test results with other users as well.
Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android are all supported operating systems.

4) FurMark

FurMark is a graphics processing unit stress testing tool that allows you to keep track of the temperature of your graphics processing unit. It makes use of a rendering method to perform video card benchmarks and to assess the performance of the graphics processing unit.


In addition to the full screen mode, this GPU benchmark test tool also includes a windowed mode.
You can use this tool to test the stability and stress of a graphics card.
It sounds an alarm if the GPU temperature reaches a specific threshold in degrees Celsius.
This is one of the greatest GPU benchmark software programmes available, and it allows you to modify the testing performance to your liking.

5) Basemark GPU

Basemark GPU is a tool that assists you in evaluating and comparing the performance of your graphics hardware. It is compatible with all desktop PCs, tablets, laptop computers, and other electronic devices.


This GPU benchmarking application allows you to compare the performance of your device to that of other computers.
Custom options are available, allowing you to do in-depth benchmarking.
Allows you to quickly and easily select the test.
You have the option of customising the setup.

6) Novabench

Novabench is a programme that allows you to evaluate the performance of your computer. It gives you the ability to test your results online in order to identify any potential problems. This GPU stress testing software provides an easy-to-view immediate comparison chart that may be accessed instantly.


This videocard benchmark programme allows you to test the transfer of memory as well as the read and write speeds of the hard drive.
This computer benchmark tool allows you to compare your system to a variety of other systems you may already have.
You may easily store the outcome of your experiment.
With the help of this GPU benchmark software, you can improve and repair your computer system.

7) OverClock Checking Tool

OverClock Checking Tool is a piece of software that allows you to do tests on your memory, VRAM, and power supply components. This free pc benchmark application can keep track of your computer’s performance in real time.


It generates graphical reports that may be simply stored to your computer’s hard drive.
This free graphics benchmark software comes with built-in safety for your computer system, making it a great choice for gamers.
This GPU stress test software has a command-line interface that may be used to run tests.
This programme allows you to see and examine the computer’s activity throughout the testing process.
It has the capability of generating a CSV file including a report.

8) 3dMark

3dMark is a tool that allows you to compare the performance of mobile devices and personal computers with that of other models. A decent test for your graphics card can be recommended by this graphics card testing software, which can automatically scan your hardware and make recommendations.


Allows you to select the test you require without having to go through any hoops.
This programme allows you to keep track of the temperatures, clock speeds, and frame rate of your GPU and CPU.
Custom benchmarking settings are available to meet your specific requirements.
This GPU benchmark software provides two modes of testing for your device: a rapid benchmark and a prolonged stress test that lasts longer.
This benchmark software makes it simple to search for, filter, and sort lists of available devices using a variety of criteria.

9) UserBenchmark

UserBenchmark is a programme that allows you to easily test the performance of your computer. Comparing the results of other people who are using the same components as you is made possible by this CPU and GPU benchmarking software.


Six 3D game simulations are included in this CPU benchmarking software.
You will be able to determine the most powerful components in your computer.
Among the features of this online GPU benchmark software are drive tests that encompass read, write, and other operations.
It enables you to generate and examine the report online at your convenience.
You can compare the components to those currently available on the market.
View the results of other people’s speed tests.

10) AIDA64 Engineer

AIDA64 Engineer is a piece of software that allows you to obtain thorough information about the programme that has been installed as well as perform diagnostic operations. This free benchmark software allows you to stress test your hard disc, solid state drive, and graphics processing unit (GPGPU).


It has the capability of monitoring computer sensors in real time.
Approximately 50 pages of information on the hardware setup are provided by this computer benchmark software.
It enables you to conduct software audits on programmes, security applications, and licencing, among other things.
Information about system data can be displayed on LCD/VFD devices that are connected to your PC.
There are more than 250 sensor devices supported by this benchmark programme, making it one of the best on the market.