Googles Update


Google appears to have chosen a motto that aims to make the internet a safe and secure environment for everyone. They have been pushing out updates one after the other, which has resulted in the labeling of websites that do not have SSL certificates. Continue with that slogan in mind, Google is about to make another significant change. According to Google’s Security blog, the company has set July 2018 as the deadline for when Chrome will display a warning message stating that the website is not secure. This means that if your website does not have an SSL Certificate, it is not secure. When a person clicks on your website, a notice with the words “Not Secured” in red will appear on their screen.

Google made an update in July 2018.

What is going to be impacted?

The website will be labeled as “Not Secure” regardless of whether or not it has a login page.
Personal blogs, news websites, social media websites, e-commerce websites, commercial websites, and any other sort of website that is accessible via the internet will be impacted by this vulnerability.
How to Overcome the Situation

Selecting the appropriate SSL certificate for your organization or niche is essential. Here is a wizard that will guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate SSL certificate.
If you are well-versed in technical elements, you may install this SSL certificate on your web server with the use of SSL tools, or you can request technical support from our technical team for assistance.

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