Google’s New Mandate for .app TLD

The word that comes after the domain name is Top Level Domain (TLD). Ex. For ex., where the domain name is “abc” and the TLD is “.com.” The few well-known TLDs below are .com , .org, .edu, etc. There are other styles such as .digital, .music, .web, and others are unique to locations such as .in (India), .uk (United Kingdom), .dk (Denmark) etc.

Latest Available TLD (.APP)

For webmasters to pick from, there are a range of TLD’s available. A new TLD, called .app, has recently been launched on the internet. It clearly gives us an indication from reading the name that this TLD is fitting for a domain that has an application.

As of 8 May 2018 , Google has begun providing the .app top-level domain (TLD) to the public to register their appropriate domain name, aimed at catching the creators of the app. It may, however, also be used by others. Previously, there were approx. With 248 of them, 280 TLDs worldwide were ccTLD country codes (.in, .uk). And a generic TLD of at least 20 (.com, .org and .net). This was possible because Google acquired the ICAAN .app rights for a huge amount 2 years ago.

The SSL credential is now compulsory for the .APP TLD

We are all familiar with the words SSL Certs or HTTPS, the new Google accouchements have made it clear that Google is working on its “Secure Internet for All” slogan religiously. Talking more about the slogan of Google, .app has provided a significant landmark for the industry by being the first TLD that allows the website to provide HTTPS to connect with it, while .app is the obvious preference of app developers, since over 100,000 domain names have been registered for an extra fee in the Early Access Scheme, .app domains can now be registered for any significant domain.

Please note that the packet hits HTTP first, only if it is not routed to HTTPS. The window presents a warning with an error. HSTS (HTTP Tight Transport Security) is used by most of the main websites, which allows to go straight from HTTP to HTTPS. Until they encrypt it via HTTPS, domain owners who have their websites on HTTP connexions will not be able to connect to their pages.

Many of us might wonder why it’s so important to have HTTPS? Here is a small reading of the 5 dangers associated in not getting an SSL on your website, which will explain your SSL Certificate mentality.

.app domains may be registered with any domain registrar during the general availability period. And several of them also sell SSL certificates in a bundle to assist with the domain’s rollout.