Generate CSR & Install an SSL Certificate on Mac OS X El Capitan

Step by step Guide to CSR Generation and SSL Certificate Setup on Mac OS X EI Capitan

This guide will clarify the process of creating the CSR and easily installing the SSL Certificate on Mac OS X EI Capitan server without making any errors or mistakes. Let’s speak them one by one.

Process 1: CSR Generation on Mac OS X EI Capitan

  • Open the Server App from your MAC device (From the Finder window , click Applications under Favorites, and then press Server App).
  • Here, you need to pick the MAC server you want to create the CSR for.

To produce CSR for an existing MAC Server

  1. Select This Mac-Name of the server & press Continue
  2. Then attach credentials to the Device Admin, and press Allow.

To produce CSR for a particular MAC Server

  1. Pick the Other Mac, and then press Start.
  2. Here, you must add the server’s host / name or IP address.
  3. Then add the credentials for System Admin, and press Allow.
  • Now click on Certificates under the choice Server from the Server App.


  • Click on + > Get a Trusted Certificate, and press Next.
  • Add the required information one at a time.
  1. Name of host: Domain Name
  2. Our Email Address: Admin’s or Certificate Issuer email address
  3. Name of business or association: Name of association
  4. Dept: Department of Organizations.
  5. Town or City: Name of town
  6. State or province: Name of state
  • Now, to activate the CSR click on Next.
  • Details about CSR appearing on your computer.
  • Click the Save button to save the CSR file, and give it a preferred direction.
  • Click the Start button.

Note: Make sure to complete the SSL Certificate Issuance process and check all of the SSL certificate files provided by your Certificate Authority before beginning the SSL installation process. Move certain files to a particular spot.

Process 2: SSL Certificate mounted on Mac OS X El Capitan

Here, we install the intermediate certificate first, then the SSL certificate and eventually add the SSL to the services.

Mac OS X El Capitan requires Intermediate Certification

  • Tap Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access from the Finder window (double-clicking)
  • Click on Device under the Keychains in the Access keychain pane.
  • Open the place where you saved the certificate file Intermediate
  • Drag and drop the file now into the Application window
  • Add the Password Administrator and select Adjust Keychain, this will make the changes.

Install SSL Capitan Certificate on MAC OS X EI

  • Click on Applications from the Finder window, and double-click on Sever
  • Now, you will pick a MAC Server from the Server App

Installing SSL on the site

  • Pick the name of this Mac-server and press Start.
  • Connect the account name and password for the user, and press Allow button.

Installing SSL onto another server

  • Use The Other Mac
  • Click on the Continue button to add the hostname or IP address, then add the Admin
  • Account Name & Password, and press Allow.
  • Tap on Certificates now from the Server App
  • Double click the pending Certificate which was created during the process of CSR generation.
  • The “Drag files obtained from your certificate provider” box can be found here.
  • Now, drag the SSL Certificate File from the list of SSL Files and remove the box and press OK

System grant SSL Certificate

  • From the Server App, press Certificates under the choice List
  • Here, use pick Custom from the Secure services.
  • Window of Service Certificates will appear where you need to pick the new certificate for each service you wish to delegate.
  • If the list is complete, click on the Appropriate button.

Finally, you created the CSR and installed the MAC OX EI Capitan Server SSL Certificate.