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Best (REALLY FREE) Website Analytics Tools in 2022

Web analytics refers to the act of gathering, analysing, and reporting data in order to gain insight into and make improvements to one’s use of the web. There is a broad variety of web analytics software available, each of which can generate a straightforward report to analyse the patterns of your website’s traffic, monitor the actions of its users, and record the content of online conversations.

The following is a list of the Top Website Analytics Tools, along with links to their websites and descriptions of their most popular features. The comparison of web analytics tools includes both open source software (which is free) and commercial software (which costs money).

Best FREE Web Analytics Tools and Software

Name Free Trial Link
Google Analytics Learn More
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1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that enables users to keep tabs on websites, blogs, and social networks, and it also generates reports that may be customised. It is one of the greatest free website analytics tools available, and it makes it easy for you to study the data related to your company.

Google Analytics has the following features:

You may better understand how visitors interact with your website by using this web analytics tool that is open source.
You are able to more effectively organise your data with the help of Google Analytics.
This free analytics tool for websites supports desktop as well as mobile applications.
This free application for website analytics comes with a range of different reporting options.
You can integrate with a wide variety of other Google products in a simple manner.

2) Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool that gives you the ability to monitor and analyse how users interact with web and mobile applications. It is one of the greatest website analytics tools available, and it provides reports that assist you in monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and user activity.

Mixpanel \sFeatures:

You may quickly break your data into a segment for better visualisation.
You are able to get a closer look at user profiles so you can identify other people.
You are able to examine differences between various user groups.
Mixpanel enables you to see how visitors navigate websites and goods in a more concrete way.
Utilizing this tool will allow you to track and increase the discussion rates of your website.
It makes the construction of a Dashboard simple.

3) Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web-based programme for analytics that provides a variety of functions to monitor and analyse user activity. It is one of the best analytics tools available, and it enables you to understand the preferences of your customers and raise your profile using your website.

Features of the Crazy Egg

You are able to view how people are interacting with the product pages that you have created.
You can find out who your active users are, who is using your mobile app, and who are new users with Crazy Egg.
Forms and login screens allow you to monitor and record the activities of individuals.

4) Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a piece of software that can assist you in determining the various technical aspects of your website. It is one of the most effective analytics tools available, giving you the ability to manage data from a variety of sources, including mobile apps, websites, and more.

Adobe Analytics (software)


Through the utilisation of machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence, it provides customer insights.
This application is capable of gathering data from any source and processing it.
It gives you access to a large range of rule-based models, which will assist you in comprehending your various investment channels.
Adobe analytics will automatically search for unforeseen trends on the website of your company.
It provides a step-by-step examination by uncovering patterns that were previously concealed inside your data.
Alerts that are based on data can be easily created and managed by you.
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5) Heap

The software known as Heap has a user interface that is straightforward. It is one of the greatest free tools for web analytics, and using it will allow you to reduce the amount of effort required for user analytics. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of code to use it.

Heap \sFeatures:

It gives you the ability to measure and enhance the conversion rates of your website.
You are able to know both the product and the engagement of the users.
Heap offers in-depth reports that may be used to better understand analytics.
You will have a better understanding of how customers navigate your website with the assistance of this programme.
It is one of the most effective free analytics tools available, and it enables you to create an interesting and interactive user experience.

6) Motomo

The Motomo tool is a web analytics solution that is free source. It offers a report that is simple to comprehend so that you can learn how visitors are accessing your website.



You have the ability to check the profiles of visitors.
The data from your website may be monitored and managed with the help of this free analytics tool for websites.
This tool provides you with free website analytics and lets you migrate data between different hosting options.
You have the ability to tailor the features to your own needs.
It is compatible with a wide variety of add-ons and plugins.
Integral manager of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

7) StatCounter

StatCounter is a website that analyses the traffic on other websites. It assists you in tracking, analysing, and comprehending the behaviour of your visitors, which enables you to make more informed selections. You can utilise this tool to enhance the amount of traffic that visits your website by employing SEO strategies.

StatCounter \sFeatures:

You are able to investigate the patterns of your traffic.
It is one of the most effective free online analytic tools that gives you the ability to track the traffic that you have paid for.
You have the ability to establish alerts so that you are notified whenever the visitor revisits your website.
When users visit your website, StatCounter will offer you with a comprehensive picture of those users.
You are able to view information about the browsers, operating systems, and screen resolutions utilised by visitors.
It gives you the ability to track the number of times a visitor clicks on any of your links or banner ads across all websites.
You are able to identify pages that receive a lot of traffic.

8) Finteza

The Finteza platform is a cutting-edge, all-encompassing analytics solution that monitors and evaluates website traffic, dialogue, and advertising. It gives you the ability to evaluate and contrast the performance of different websites.

Finteza \sFeatures:

You will have easy control over the management of advertising banners, landing pages, and even more.
It enables you to identify traffic that is of poor quality.
This application is compatible with more than fifty different CMSs and SDKs (System Development Kits) (Content Management System).
You can exclude pages, UTM tags (snippets of text), keywords, or sources from the filtering process.
This tool gives a real-time site number of users (a estimate of the site’s conversion rate) for each user who completes an action on your website.

9) Gosquared

GoSquared is a real-time online analytics and marketing automation platform that can help increase the percentage of customers who convert on your website. It is one of the greatest online analytics tools available, and it comes with a dashboard that makes it easier for you to manage your work across all of your devices.

Gosquared \sFeatures:

It offers a precise measurement of the number of visitors that are currently on your website.
You are able to understand how visitors navigate your website.
This programme sends notifications pertaining to traffic to the user’s email.
You may view the language that visitors to your website have selected from within your website.
It gives you the ability to observe the operating systems that viewers of your website are employing.
On the basis of past information, Gosquared is able to provide estimates for your traffic on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis.
You are able to find out what percentage of your users have been surfing on a mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

10) Hubspot

HubSpot is a platform that combines marketing, customer care, and sales all into one convenient location. It makes it easier for your team to convert leads, increase traffic, and track the progress of the entire funnel in an one location.



It enables users to construct web pages, landing pages, email templates, and blog posts through the use of a drag-and-drop interface.
Through the website’s integrated live chat feature, you are able to communicate with potential customers.
It is compatible with the calendar on Google, as well as HubSpot CRM and Office 365.
You are able to design and distribute email templates with the help of Hubspot.
You can get notified when someone opens an email, downloads an attachment, and performs other actions, among other things.