EV SSL – Why Small Businesses Should Use It?

Even a small business tends to have an online shopper and an EV SSL or a wildcard SSL goes a long way in ensuring they remain loyal to you. In fact, it is estimated by consumer reports that virtually 60% of all businesses, who sell less than $1 million in goods and services each year, find their customers through the online marketplace. But the companies who show growth each year tend to have one common trait – they are trustworthy and their customers are proud to support these companies because their sites have premium certification namely EV SSL.

But what makes a small business reliable and trustworthy to somebody who has never used their services or purchased a product from them? The answer is easier to understand than you’d think.

Consumer confidence is developed online when a potential customer visits your website and sees two things:

a)The website is easy to navigate, provides detailed information that they need to receive, and is visually appealing.
b)The website is protected by a powerful SSL Certificate such as a Wildcard SSL and EV SSL security protocol

How EV SSL helps?

The power of SSL Certificates is well documented in regards to how they create consumer confidence in a company or brand. But when you’re trying to make a lasting and positive first impression on any new potential customer, using an EV SSL or wildcard SSL can help you leverage your credibility and boost visitor to client conversion rates.

For those who don’t know, wildcard SSL is one of the better solutions for online marketplaces who have multiple web sub-domains to power. If you have several web sub-domain pages that have private information or even if you want to ensure your customer feels 100% secure, Wildcard SSL certificate is a smart option to create that important consumer confidence.

When a potential customer sees that the business owners have put forth an investment to protect their online connection – this instantly develops trust; even if it’s subliminal. The fact remains that every customer will reward a company that puts them first. And whether it’s your customer service or their safety,  users appreciate companies who go the extra mile in ensuring safety.

Wildcard SSL Certificates have a wide range of power; from 34 bits all the way to 128 online bits of protection.

The other type of extended SSL Certificate is known as Extended Validation or EV SSL Certificates. This secondary protocol is easily recognized by any visitor to your website by simply looking at the menu bar. When the menu bar ‘https’ notification is green or yellow, this means the website is powered by EV SSL.

Most of the time, companies will only use EV SSL on pages that include links or menu’s where customers need to enter private information, such as log-in pages or the financial transactions page, However, a great way to power your entire website is to install a powerful EV SSL certificate on the main page – showing your website visitor that their entire online connection with your company and brand is safe and secure.

With the business world being a competitive one, the key to success for a small business is to develop trust and integrity with potential customers from the beginning. And without question; an easy way to accomplish this is to install Wildcard and EV SSL on your business website.