EV SSL And Cloud Computing – The Future

The future is now coming in the form of cloud computing and EV SSL has an important role to play in determining the security network of websites. There are various reports surrounding the world with regard to cyber threats, scams, and phishing done online. It is evident that millions of people have now started using the web in almost every country in the world. And, it’s not surprising to see the concept of theft or robbery is no longer associated with a physical place but rather a secure digital vault. EV SSL was created in 2007 to safeguard your details. online.  It can be anything like personal information, your location, credit card details, or bank account information. Such crucial data, if acquired by the wrong people can be misused in various areas.  A green address bar, a trusted site seal, and a padlock sign assure your customers that your website uses EV SSL and is beyond the reach of hackers worldwide.

Facets Of Secure Certificates and EV SSL

Apart from the conventional, instant certification, companies, and organizations with a more serious approach towards securing their identity as well as their customers will opt for EV SSL. They are provided by all leading certificate authorities in the industry. Getting your key from a recognized CA is the most important factor of them all. Trying to generate your own key may be a great option if you consider saving the budget but it’s definitely not as secure as EV SSL. Security products are constantly being updated in order to cope up with growing threats found in the market. Common features include but not limited to,

    • 256-bit encryption
    • Cloud support
    • Reliable monitoring solutions
    • Site Seal
    • Green address exclusive for EV SSL certificates

There will be other value-added features provided with select providers based on the CA you choose.

Cloud Computing And Next-gen Features

Almost every type of certs, including cheap SSL certificates, are designed with security in mind. The different variants of them are made for different purposes and will suit your requirement accordingly. Cloud-based resources are now being better utilized so as to provide protection on the go, monitoring data packets that are transferred and detecting intrusions. IDS and DLP are next-gen features proposed. Abbreviated as intrusion detection and data leakage prevention system, the 2  options provided maximum security to users.