Easily Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” SSL Error on Android

The exasperating SSL connection error can easily be fixed on your Android device

‘SSL Connection Error’ is one of the most commonly encountered issues when it comes to browsing an Android device or any other device in this regard. Regardless of which device or version of Android you are using, everyone is seeing these errors. The message / warning “your connection isn’t private” can make you want to bang your head against a wall. Luckily you do not have to. We have come up with some clear steps here to correct this error in relation to SSL.

You have to understand a couple of things before we get to the steps. First, if a site is not SSL allowed, surfing on it may be risky. That is because by encrypting and checking identity, SSL certificates guard against threats such as eavesdropping and data modification. SSL certificate protected contact between a website’s client and webserver. That’s why you should always insist that we browse encrypted sites.

Here’s how to fix error “Your Connection is Not Private”

Errors in the SSL connection are something which can not be easily diagnosed. Fortunately we don’t have to get into that because we can switch straight to the part of the care. In order to increase its severity, we have prescribed seven medicines here. If one is not working, then move on to the second, and so on. One way or the other, the “Your Connection is Non-Private” error will be fixed.

Let’s get Started..

1. Invalid Date & Time:

Nobody’s using the wrong date and time on their smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet, right? But, to be sure, it is best to test it once.

If you have the wrong date and time on your device, go to Settings and activate Automatic Date & Time, for some reason.


2. Try to open the site in incognito / private mode:

It could be that you get this error in your normal window. Attempt to open it in the browser’s private mode / window.

open-site-in-incognito3. Clear History & Cache for browsers:

As the King of the Lion says “Oh yes, the past will hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it, the way I see it.

Let’s not get philosophical here and concentrate on the error about the SSL link. You may actually be hurting your browsing history and cache in the form of an SSL connection error. So, open your browser, and clear all the details. See how things go. And we love the Lion King, by the way.

clear-browsing-data4. Disable Software for Antivirus / Protection:

If you are using a similar kind of an antivirus software or a protection software, temporarily disable it by going to Settings > Applications.

security-app5. Exchange Networks:

If any of the above three isn’t working, it could be a network problem. Switch to some other Wi-Fi network or using mobile data. Functions? Amazing. Don’t they? Probate the next one.

6. Update your Navigator:

Will you do, wouldn’t you?

7. Reset Factory:

If none of those measures work, take out the sledgehammer Factory Reset and bang it! Before doing so, make sure you have all your data backed up. Go to Settings > Reset & Save. Click Reset Data at Plant.


We hope that this blog helped you solve the Your Connection is Not Private error on your Android device.