Does Idrive Protect Against Ransomware

IDrive Cloud Backup Introduces IDrive Mirror

IDrive cloud backup has been released mirror. This provides secure cloud-based full images backups for Windows computers as well as server operating systems to protect against data loss or ransomware.

IDrive Mirror allows individuals and small businesses to back up unlimited servers and computers into one account. This allows for data backup and retrieval directly from the IDrive cloud, without the need for any intermediary storage devices.

IDrive Mirror allows you to access and restore all data from your computer. This service can back up entire computers, including settings and installed applications, as well as create recovery points to allow users to be up and running quickly in the event of a disaster. This is important because more people and businesses are working remotely and need to have proper data protection and critical capabilities.

IDrive Mirror can recognize any data modification and performs incremental backups for each change. Users can then restore backups of their data at a time before a ransomware attack, so they won’t be blocked from accessing their data.

IDrive Mirror features include:

  • Cloud Backup allows you to back up unlimited computers directly to the cloud. You can also access your data easily from there. Set up email notifications and schedule automated backups at regular intervals.
  • With Changed Block Tracking technology, you can perform backups and restores three times faster. No downtime for restores
  • Security – Securely transfer your data to the cloud using AES256 end-to-end encryption. You can track account activity through email and dashboard notifications.
  • Periodic Cleanup: Users can automate periodic cleanups that allow them to keep a recovery point archive, based on the number of incremental backups and time duration.
  • User Management – With the Team Plan invite others to create accounts in your account. You can enable access without sharing credentials and centrally manage the bill.
  • Disk-partition-based backup – Create an image file from a single, multiple, or entire disk to protect data loss and migrate data quickly.
  • You can customize your backup settings. Mirror imaging will take place according to the pre-defined schedule and settings.
  • Data integrity check – This is performed after every backup operation to make sure that no unreliable copies of data are kept during a successful restore.
  • Snapshots allow data versioning by saving archival copies of previous backups. You can choose the number of copies that you wish to save at a given time.

IDrive Mirror offers a 30-day free trial that includes 1TB storage for 5 computers. Starting at $69.50 per year, the personal plan includes 5TB storage for unlimited computers.

IDrive Mirror for Teams has plans for five users with 10TB storage for $199.50/year; 10 users with 20TB storage for $399.50/year; and 25 users with 50TB storage for $999.50/year.