Decrypt Ransomware Encrypted Files

Ransomware encryption tool free

Ransomware is malware that locks or encrypts your computer and demands money in exchange. Even if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee you will get your data back.

Quick Heal has created a tool to decrypt files encrypted with the following types of ransomware. It is easy to use and free of charge.

To begin decryption, please click DOWNLOAD TOOL>

  1. Troldesh Ransomware (.xtbl)
  2. Crysis Ransomware (.CrySiS)
  3. Ransomware Cryptxxxx [.crypt]
  4. Ninja Ransomware [$.777]
  5. Apocalypse Ransomware (.encrypted)
  6. Nemucod Ransomware [.crypted]
  7. ODC Ransomware [.odcodc]
  8. LeChiffre Ransomware (.LeChiffre)
  9. Globe1 Ransomware [.hnyear]
  10. Globe2 Ransomware [.blt]
  11. Globe3 Ransomware [.decrypt2017]
  12. DeriaLock Ransomware (.deria)
  13. Opentoyou Ransomware []
  14. Globe3 Ransomware [.globe] &.happydayzz
  15. Troldesh Ransomware (.dharma)
  16. Troldesh Ransomware [.wallet]
  17. Troldesh Ransomware (.onion)
  18. Satan DBGer Ransomware [.dbger]
  19. STOP Djvu Ransomware
  20. GandCrab Ransomware [Random Extension: Need ransom note for decryption]

How to Use the Decryption Tool

  1. Click Download Tool to save the zip file. Extract the file.
  2. To view the Decryption Window, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator
  3. To start the scan, press Y. The tool will scan your entire system looking for encrypted files. The tool will detect an encrypted file and decrypt it in the appropriate folder. It will also keep a copy of the encrypted files.
  4. The decryption tool will display the final status after the scan. It will show how many encrypted files have been found and how many were successfully decrypted. You can find detailed information about each file’s decryption status in the ‘Decryption.log” generated within the same folder.
  5. You can then open the encrypted files to verify that they are still accessible/readable.