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CSR Generation


Instructions for creating a CSR

To show the comprehensive instructions for creating a CSR, please pick your Product & Server Software Vendor. If your server is not specified or you need additional details , please refer to the documentation on your website or contact your vendor.


  • RapidSSL Ceritifcates
  • GeoTrust SSL Certificates
  • Thawte SSL Certificates
  • Symantec SSL Certificates

Other Information:

  • Search the field for common name. Instead of a fully qualified domain name such as www.mydomain.com or domain name such as mydomain.com, you may have specified an IP address (e.g., or a server name (e.g. mywebserver). To register for a RapidSSL, FreeSSL or Professional Level Certificate you must indicate a Fully Qualified Domain Name or Domain Name.
  • Please make sure you have no unauthorized characters in any of the CSR areas. Illegal Characters are [! @ # $ % ^ ( ) ~ ? > < & / \ , . ” ‘].
  • Consult the country area. Do not define the country code when creating the CSR as “UK” if you are in the United Kingdom-it must be “GB”.
  • Make sure you have inserted the CSR header and footer into the registration form. The header and footer will look like:
    Data Encoded
    Make sure there are 5 dashes on either side of the request for Begin and End certificates. There should be no trailing spaces in the CSR, too.


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