Comodo CA

Comodo CA is now Sectigo.

Sectigo is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading web security solutions provider, helping enterprises all over the world to safeguard their identities, web presences, and connected devices. Though Francisco Partners purchased the whole Group’s Certificate business in the fall of 2017, Comodo CA continued operations in the same market with the same brand name, rebranding was implemented to avoid misunderstanding and help deliver and secure confidence on their digital security.

So, what’s new?

What has changed is that the company now has a new name, a new logo, and a new brand, as well as new product names for Enterprise, Instant, and Positive SSL, supported by a new management team, and some processes have been changed to meet the system’s current needs. They have also relocated from Clifton to Roseland, New Jersey, and expanded their global support base in Ottawa, Ontario, to cater to services in 15 different languages.

Comodo CA is now Sectigo.

A customer’s perspective of view.

The rebranding ensures a new name, but the basic product does not change, necessitating the need to revalidate or reinstall until all product name changes are complete, which will take some time, prices will remain competitive, and neither the root structure nor API product codes will change, as they have in the past.

Sectigo currently offers a number of SSL Certificate options.


The validity period and warranty do not change as a result of the rebranding; in fact, customers can expect novel goods from Sectigo to be released in the near future.

Sectigo’s CEO, Bill Holtz, has an opinion.

According to Bill Holtz, Sectigo’s CEO. “By renaming as Sectigo, we’re stressing our expansion beyond SSL to IoT and online security, as well as expressing our dedication to making the internet more secure, as well as safe – for businesses and consumers alike.” We intend to become the world’s most trusted, innovative, and customer-centric partner for protecting every website, transaction, communication, and connected device by delivering solutions that rethink norms and progress the industry.”