Code Signing Certificate – Be a Genuine Software Developer

Are you a developer or publisher of software that develops and distributes software on third party websites? If so, did you ever consider whether or not the software your users are getting is original? If you’re one of those whose software has even a moderate success, there’s a risk that someone can change it to trick the users of the app. If you have questions like how to solve these conditions, one of the best solutions is Code Signing Certificate.

Let’s see what a certificate of code signing is, how it protects the program and its benefits

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing is one of the procedures by which the executable files and scripts are digitally signed to confirm the software publisher ‘s identity and to guarantee that the document or program has not been altered from the time it was signed.

A Code Signing Certificate is the digital certificate that helps protect code, software, executables, and other files during online transfers. This provides all of the necessary information to identify an individual.

Using the Code Signing Certificate issued by trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), such as Sectigo, Comodo, Thawte, developers sign their software which ensures users of software that the signed code or software they are downloading comes from a trusted source and has not been altered since it was signed.

In other words, the Software Signing Certificate helps to maintain the program ‘s validity and avoids copying that is not original, as it invalidates the signature and notifies users by showing a warning sign if the software or software has been altered. Initially, it provides two security safeguards, code integrity and software publisher authentication or application distributor authentication.

Advantages of Using Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate is like a digital “shrink-wrap” to convince users that software comes from a checked publisher and that it has not compromised the credibility. In addition, the benefits of using a Code Signing Certificate include:

Customer Trust:

It boosts your customer’s confidence while protecting your users by assuring that the quality of the code or software they’ve downloaded has not been changed or altered.


It provides assurance that the file received comes from a trusted software publisher or organization that helps preserve the company’s reputation.

Organizational Details:

It shows the organization’s address, name and form in the certificate that helps clients recognize and notify the author or publisher of the digitally signed code or software if any question or issue arises.


It supports all major platforms including Java, Authenticode, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Office VBA

Signing unlimited

Enables developers and organization of software to sign an infinite number of applications, software code, scripts.


Code Signing Certificate Providers:

As the Trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) provide SSL / TLS Certificates, the Code Signing Certificates are also provided by the same. Below are some of the globally known CAs that provide reasonable price and excellent support for a Code Signing Certificate.


Thawte based in South Africa founded by Mark Shuttleworth is one of the recognized Certificate Authority which has issued over 945,000 SSL / TLS Certificates and Code Signing Certificates worldwide since 1995. As the Thawte’s core business is the SSL / TLS certificate, you can rest assured that you’ll also get the robust authentication process and easy code signing certificate management.


If you’re a software developer or publisher, you might already be aware of the importance of signing software using the Code Signing Certificate to ensure users of your identity while preventing notification. Symantec is one of the best options for winning the trust and confidence from your customers, the globally trusted Certificate Authority. It’s a well-known brand dealing with various web security products like SSL / TLS Certificate and one of them is also Code Signing Certificates.


Comodo, the world’s largest and leading certificate authority (CA), also deals with several different types of web security products with over 100000000 issued SSL / TLS certificates and one of them from their wide SSL family includes Code Signing Certificates. If you are looking to secure your software , applications, executables or any files, Comodo Code Signing Certificates is the best approach that comes with a smooth issuing process and affordable price range.


Sectigo / Formerly Comodo CA, one of the world’s largest CA (Certificate Authority), with more than 12 M active market certificates and sales & support team in over 200 countries, operates with a common slogan to allow protection for the organization’s identity.

If you are a software developer or publisher selling their software on third-party websites, Sectigo’s Code Signing Certificate is one of the best options that comes with other advantages such as affordable price range, expert support and easy handling.

In addition, if you think the price is a major concern, reseller such as CodeSigningStore is another option, from which you can obtain the same certificate but at a much lower price range and all the other benefits like any other CA (Certificate Authority).

Bottom line:

Unfortunately, free Code Signing Certificates are not available and another Self Signed Code Signing Certificates alternative is good enough for the purpose of the study. So, if you’re one of the developers and publishers of software, Code Signing Certificate is one of the necessities particularly if you distribute your piece of software on third party websites.

Here in this article are listed some of the globally known Certificate Authorities from which you can buy Standard Code Signing Certificate (Organization Validated Code Signing Certificate) as well as Extended Validated (EV) Code Signing Certificate at an affordable price range with excellent services such as expert team support and a 30-day money back guarantee.