Cisco Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Defense

on its way to becoming a PS1 billion annual market.

Ransomware can infiltrate your network in many ways. There is no silver bullet that will stop ransomware infections. Each potential entry point to your network must be protected with layers of security protections. The Cisco Ransomware Defence portfolio can help you avoid even the most advanced ransomware attacks. Cisco Ransomware Protection products offer ransomware protection, from the DNS layer to email and the endpoint. These solutions also come with the industry-leading Cisco threat research group: Talos.

Ransomware is a security hazard that is here to stay.

Although no one expects to be attacked by ransomware, it is estimated that every 10 seconds a new victim will be harmed. Ransomware is an ever-present security threat. Ransomware continues to be a major obstacle for businesses, despite the introduction of new attacks such as crypto mining. You must be able to keep up with advanced threats to remain safe.

Protect your business with Cisco Ransomware Defense Portfolio

Cisco Ransomware defense portfolio reduces the risk of ransomware and other malware so that you can concentrate on your top priorities. Cisco uses a portfolio-based approach to security rather than one product. Cisco AMP, Cisco Email Security & Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Duo 2FA, Cisco Email Security & Cisco Umbrella all work together to stop ransomware attacks and detect if they have gained access to your systems. They also contain them to limit the damage.

Cisco AMP

Discover, contain, and remove advanced ransomware and malware. Cisco AMP can block ransomware from gaining access and encrypting files on endpoint devices. As the ransomware can’t take files hostage, the ransomware attack cannot be conducted.

Cisco Email Security

Cisco ESA uses a threat-centric approach to security, which provides enhanced security in today’s evolving threat landscape. Ransomware is most commonly spread via email. You can stop ransomware from reaching your inbox by stopping malicious emails from arriving there.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella blocks DNS requests before a user reaches a malicious site hosting ransomware. Umbrella can also prevent command and control callbacks, which can help stop ransomware from being spread. Umbrella protects you both on and off the corporate network.

Cisco Duo 2FA

Cisco Duo 2-Factor authentication allows users to seamlessly identify themselves by sending push-notifications directly to their mobile devices. 2FA prevents unauthorized users (hackers), from accessing critical applications and systems, so Ransomware can’t be distributed on the network.

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