Choosing the Best SSL Credential Guide for Your Website

People are aware of the benefits of a website’s SSL certificate. But how about understanding which is the website ‘s best SSL certificate?

Extended Validity (EV) SSL certificates are the strongest SSL certificate, offering the company’s identity, defending against phishing threats, increasing the conversion rate and creating brand trust in the minds of travellers.

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The Tech-Ed survey found in a recent report that 87 percent of individuals agreed to insert their card information on a website with an EV SSL certificate.

If you don’t believe it, then check out the article about the website’s EV SSL certificate value. However, we have listed the various types of SSL certificates that will help you choose the right SSL certificate according to the specifications of your website.

Different types of SSL certificates

Basically, there are five types of website protection SSL certificates, which are as follows:

EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate:

The EV SSL Certificate is the highest rating on the market for an SSL certificate. The most trustworthy SSL certificate on the market is the EV SSL Certificate. EV SSL undergoes a very stringent method of validation, such as checking the domain, confirming its legal, organisational and physical existence, and proving the entity. This credential shows some of the details directly in the browser window, such as the company name, the country.

Feature of EV SSL certificate.

  • Displays organization name in the Web browser
  • Activates the green address bar
  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock
  • Company name in a browser bar
  • Dynamic Trust Logo
  • Increase Website Transaction
  • Protects users against phishing attacks
  • Show the customer you care
  • Help you to stay compliant

EV SSL certificates are suitable for Industries like:

  • E-Commerce Website.
  • Banking Website
  • Government Websites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Insurance Company Websites
  • Big MNC Sites
  • Security Trading Website

SSL certificate for OV (Organization Validation):

An OV SSL Certificate is a high security certificate that provides a website and organisation with instant identity assurance and good SSL protection. OV SSL offers the website a step up in DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate reliability. The padlock is triggered by OV SSL and the corporate logo is demonstrated by https. OV SSL promises that the customer takes protection very seriously. Visitors to the site should ensure if the website is genuine and not an impostor.

Features of OV SSL Certificate

  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Company name in a browser bar
  • Dynamic Trust Logo
  • Show the customer you Care

OV SSL certificates are suitable for Industries like:

  • Local retail website.
  • Small Business website
  • Accounting & taxation website
  • Education website
  • Food & Catering website

DV (Domain Validation) SSL Certificate:

The DV SSL Certificate is an inexpensive, fast and easy-to-use website security choice. Within minutes, DV SSL is released without any proper checking of the organisation or domain. It unlocks the web browser’s padlock and https, and is the cheapest SSL certificate on the market.

Feature of DV SSL certificate

  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Dynamic Trust Logo
  • Issuance in Minutes

DV SSL certificates are suitable for Industries like:

  • Blogging Website
  • Non-online payment website
  • Personal Website

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

The Wildcard SSL Credential secures infinite numbers of single credential subdomains. For someone who hosts or maintains several sites or pages that are in the same domain, this credential is a perfect option. For the extra subdomain that you might include in the future, the one-time expense of the wildcard would protect you. Wildcard SSL certificate given to *, where all the potential subdomains are meant by the asterisk.

For DV SSL and OV SSL forms, the Wildcard SSL Certificate is valid.

A single wildcard certificate can secure:

  • Unlimited amount of sub-domain

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

The SSL Multi-Domain Certificate is also known as an Alternate Subject Name (SAN) certificate. To protect 100 separate domain names, this SSL certificate is used. Using only one SSL Certificate, subdomains and even public IP addresses.

For the UCC application, Multi-Domain SSL was originally created, which can support someone who wants the convenience of consolidating multiple domain names into a single SSL.

For DV SSL, OV SSL and EV SSL forms, the Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is valid.

A single Multi-Domain certificate can secure:


The Conclusion:

The better SSL certificate, as we described in the beginning EV SSL Certificate, is that there is a 0.01 percent risk of a phishing threat. To be fair enough, we tried to protect multiple forms of SSL with the best SSL certificate. Our motive, in the end, is to select the right SSL certificate according to the criteria of your website.

You can ask any website security specialist to go for EV only, he / she will recommend you. The best certificate on the market is the EV SSL certificate. In terms of rate, EV SSL is a little more, but SSL is bought every two years and split by 24, you’d see that it’s not that expensive.

If you are still not happy with this article, please use our AL tool that allows you to select SSL according to your website.