Code Signing Certificate – Be a Genuine Software Developer

Are you a developer or publisher of software that develops and distributes software on third party websites? If so, did you ever consider whether or not the software your users are...

Symantec Seal-in-Search

Symantec Seal-in-Search: The internet's most reputed seal of trust What all have in common are e-commerce websites, social media websites, blogs and business websites? They all yearn for CLICKS. We all want...

What is SSL Stripping ?

What is SSL Stripping? SSL stripping is a method of downgrading a website from https to http. In other words, the attack is used to bypass the encryption that is imposed on https...

What is a Certificate Authority? Why is it necessary for your Website’s security?

Before making a choice it is important to understand the role of certificate authorities A Digital Certificate is a great way to protect the connection between a web browser and a web...

Comparison SSL Certificates

Having an SSL Certificate has become a essential duty for any website owner with the ever growing concern about protection in website transactions. You need to have an SSL certificate to...

Essential Differences Between a Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL & Wildcard SSL Certificate

Get to know the important differences between an SSL & Wildcard SSL Certificate Multi-Domain (SAN) We would have 32568642 pennies if we had a penny each time someone asked us the difference...

Here’s what you need to know on TLS 1.3

It took more than eight years to complete the last upgrade of the encryption protocol, a new version of TLS 1.3 launched as of August 2018. TLS 1.3 has many benefits over...

Why does Google Force You to Obtain an SSL Certificate on Your Website?

SSL is no longer optional, it is mandatory as from July 2018 There have been reports in the past two years that Google will clamp down on websites that do not possess...

What a Code Signing Certificate and its Role in Code Security

Before we get to what a code signing certificate is and what it does, let's first go through a couple of familiar photos. You would definitely relate to those images unless you're...

Symantec Secure Site EV Certificates

Attempt Symantec to be competitive on e-commerce It has become a crucial element for any e-commerce business to protect sensitive data from being transferred to websites. The increase in the number of...


What is an UC SSL certificate

What is an UC SSL certificate ?

What is an UC SSL certificate? A UC SSL certificate is an SSL Certificate that can protect all of your domains on a shared...
Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack