Can Legit EV SSL Be Home For Hidden Malware?

In recent times, the internet is breaking news about hackers and malicious code developers using legitimately signed digital certificates to confuse the end-users. If you look closely, you will find plenty of factors hidden within this news alone. There are so many companies that call them legit and are in the industry for years but only a handful of them are actually registered with major browsers. EV SSL is designed to reduce the incidence of hacking from your system by unauthorized third parties.

The private keys issued will be verified by all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Ice Dragon. When they fail to do so or are wrongly misinterpreted under a fake cert, this becomes an issue. The highest level of authentication issued through EV SSL is exceptionally secure and there are no loopholes through which worms, viruses s and malware can enter your computer. At the same time, you should know more about secure sockets layer certs being used as cover by hackers and EV SSL  involves a lengthy authentication process preventing them from doing so.

Increasing Malware Trend

Of late, the malware trend is on the rise and as one country blames another, it is people who operate behind the scenes, that hold sole responsibility. The fraudulent people have actually fooled the users and even small-time certification companies by establishing their own concern. After extensive research, the company found that a fictitious company operated from Brazil, obtained wildcard SSL besides other certs and it is even registered legally in the said geographical location. The issue here is that with a view to promoting virus, trojans, and bugs, the company established themselves so as to obtain a valid certificate. One can hardly blame the CA to have provided the recognition because, in the paper, it was fully valid and completely authenticated from all perspectives. An EV SSL may keep organizations safe from attacks by unauthorized parties.

Hiding Malware Within Fake Identities – EV SSL

It’s a common trend that most hackers try to hide malicious files, applications or software behind proper files. They will also try to use digital certificates or free SSL to show themselves as genuine. Even huge companies like Adobe and Bit9 have faced such consequences but the researchers are surprised to see that they have even started to establish companies of their own in countries where it is easy to obtain registration. An EV SLL can prevent such entities from establishing themselves online because of the lengthy verification process it entails. Often companies go in for EV SSL to show their customers that they value their confidentiality. EV SSL helps to establish a reasonable amount of trust in the minds of customers.