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Simple Guide on How to Buy SSL Certificate Online

Learn how to purchase an SSL certificate online and how to install an SSL certificate on your website.
Having established what an SSL Certificate is and its significance, let us proceed to the step-by-step guide on how to purchase and install an SSL Certificate on your server. a. What is an SSL Certificate?

Follow the procedures outlined below and you will be able to purchase and install your SSL Certificate on your website without risk.

1) Select & Purchase SSL Certificate:

Choose from among many different SSL Certificates offered by prominent SSL Certificate providers. You have the option of selecting any sort of SSL Certificate that best suits your needs or that of your website.

DV SSL Certificate (Digitally Signed SSL Certificate):

With a low-cost DV SSL certificate, you may have basic encryption in minutes. Blog websites, for example.

– Encryption of up to 256 bits

– HTTPS browser trust indicator (HTTPS browser trust indicator)

– The padlock emblem for a safe browser

A site seal from the appropriate certification authority

– Limited guarantees of a few months

Buy DV SSL Certificat

OV SSL Certificate (OpenVPN Secure Sockets Layer):

With an OV SSL Certificate, you can protect visitor data while also demonstrating that you are a legitimate organisation. For example, search engine marketing (SEM) and corporate websites.

– A site seal from the Certificate Authority can be clicked on.

– The company name on the certificate has been verified.

– Encryption of up to 256 bits

– Make the HTTPS browser padlock visible.

Buy OV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate):

With an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, you can get the green address bar and inspire the most trust. For example, a banking or e-commerce website.

– The name of the organization with a safe padlock

– It demonstrates that you place the safety and concerns of users first.

– It is simple to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

– Proven to enhance visitors’ trust in your website and increase conversion rates

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SSL Certificate with Wildcard Characters:

With a Wildcard SSL Certificate, you can protect your primary domain as well as an unlimited number of subdomains.

– Save money when compared to purchasing individual certificates.

– Instead of having multiple certificates for each sub-domain, only one certificate is required.

– By using HTTPS, you can improve your search engine rating.

Make sure that all of your subdomains are secured with a single certificate by using HTTPS.

Buy Wildcard SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate with Multiple Domains:

With a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, you may secure many domains with a single certificate.

– 128-256-bit encryption, which is industry standard.

– DV, OV, and EV choices are available.

– The HTTPS protocol and the padlock icon

– A site seal from the CA that issued the certificate

– Warranty protection that is unrivaled in the industry

– Convenient for safeguarding several FQDNs at the same time.

Buy Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Still unsure about which SSL certificate to purchase?

We have an artificial intelligence tool that assists you in selecting the most appropriate SSL Certificate for your website by inputting a few details. The program will make recommendations on which SSL Certificate to purchase based on your website’s needs.

2) Make the required payment:

After you’ve added the SSL Certificate to your basket, you’ll need to pay for it. When purchasing an SSL certificate, we accept two different payment methods. Method of payment over the internet:

We have a straightforward online payment option; you can pay using a debit card, credit card, UPI, or another online payment method such as an E-Wallet without any hassle.

Please keep in mind that we do not share or store your card information.

Method of Making a Payment Without Using a Credit Card:

Alternatively, if you choose not to pay with a debit or credit card, we provide an offline payment option. This method involves transferring funds through a financial institution. When purchasing the Certificate, the specifics will be displayed.

3) Create a Customer Service Request.

After you have acquired your SSL Certificate, the following step is to enrol your certificate. This can be done online or by phone. It is quite simple to generate a CSR for enrollment purposes because we have a tool that will assist you in creating a CSR by simply entering some information on the application form. To generate a CSR, please click here.

When you produce the Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you will also be creating a Private Key, which needs to be kept safe because it is essential for your SSL Certificate to function properly.

Another server hosts an extensive collection of articles detailing the various stages and methods of CSR generation.

4) Complete the Enrollment process.

Following the successful generation of the CSR, submit the CSR in your HTTP account, making sure to pick the appropriate server type as well.

After that, fill out the administrative, technical, and other information fields, and then click on the submit button.

The enrolment process will be successful if the CSR value is in the right range.

5) Domain/Business Verification: This is the final step in the process.

Following the acquisition of an SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority completes the verification process to verify the legitimacy of the website’s proprietor. It is possible to conduct two types of verification processes: one is domain verification and the other is business verification.

The Domain Verification process for DV SSL Certificates is carried out by the Certificate Authority by E-Mail.

Domain and business verification are carried out by the Certificate Authority for OV and EV SSL certificates via email and phone calls.

Once the verification process has been completed correctly, the Certificate Authority will issue the SSL.

6) Issuance of the Certificate:

The SSL Certificate is issued by the Certificate Authority when the domain/business has been properly verified by the Certificate Authority.

While the DV SSL Certificate can be issued in minutes, the OV SSL Certificate can take up to three days, and the EV SSL Certificate can take up to two weeks to be issued, depending on the complexity of the request.


7) Install SSL and you’re ready to go live!

Following the issuance of the certificate, log into your account and download the SSL Certificate. Once you’ve downloaded the SSL certificate, you’ll need to install/configure it on your server before going live.

By taking this step, you will be able to secure your website as well as your customers’ personal information and payment card information.


Purchasing an SSL Certificate on the internet is a simple process, and installing it is even less complicated. Due to the fact that we provide Free SSL Installation Support if you purchase from us.