Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate

As we are aware, companies implement Stable Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to ensure data security for their domains and to restore trust in the minds of customers. SSL is a common encryption technology that helps organisations to build an encrypted connexion between a client and a web server.

This makes it difficult for attackers to intercept the data flow and exploit the information (between a web server and a client). For e-commerce or for organisations gathering confidential data, SSL is an absolute requirement.

The advantages of an SSL certificate are infinite, but for a new business that chooses to provide several subdomains with a single domain, this can be a difficult challenge. This is where a Wildcard SSL Credential is proving to be a help that saves time and costs for those websites.

What’s a credential for Wildcard SSL?

Wildcard SSL Certificate is a private key certificate that will secure any of the main domain’s associated (unlimited number of) first-level subdomains, removing the need for each of them to obtain SSL certification. It enables you to define additional hostnames to be protected by a single licence, such as email addresses, IP addresses, URLs, DNS names, etc. In a nutshell, you can control infinite sub-domains on a single domain name using a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

For instance:

Both these subdomains on the https:/* domain will be protected by a single wildcard certificate for https:/*


Let us discuss the advantages of a Wildcard SSL Certificate and appreciate why a Wildcard SSL Certificate should be bought.

Wildcard SSL Credential Advantages

Unlimited Sub-Domain Safe

A wildcard SSL certificate allows to protect not only a domain, but even an infinite sub-domain, as website security is an essential consideration today. The user can protect a domain ‘s infinite sub-domain with a single Wildcard SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate Cost Saving

An enterprise with n sub-domains must deploy n SSL Certificate number, which contributes to a large amount of spending on website protection. But, the organisation of wildcard SSL certificates doesn’t have to think about the tremendous amount. As with single Wildcard SSL certification organisations, without any extra fee, infinite sub-domains can be protected. Many SMBs support the website’s Wildcard SSL credential.

Simple Maintenance of SSL

Not only can Wildcard SSL Certificates save you expenditures by obtaining infinite sub-domains, they also make it easy to handle items. If you have to tell 15 distinct SSL licences, even with a managed interface, deploying them would be a hassle. In addition, at each renewal, you will have to replicate the exercise, thereby blocking a lot of your assets.

Certificate with Fastest Issuance

Within two days, consumers can receive a Wildcard SSL certificate, since the certificate does not meet long authentication protocols, such as an extended validation (EV) certificate. If CA follows the domain verification method to validate the organisation, it takes a few minutes to issue it.

User Faith

“The Wildcard SSL Certificate provides your website with a” Padlock “Confidence Symbol. This padlock means that, because of SSL encryption, the website is secure. Since the platform is safe with a high-grade SSL certificate, “Wildcard SSL Certificate,” consumers can trust the website.


For an enterprise that wants to protect multiple sub-domains at a low rate, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is the safest SSL certificate. To protect their many sub-domains, many SMBs select the Wildcard SSL Certificate.

The main downside to Wildcard Certificates is that one server being hacked will make others vulnerable to the attack, because it has one shared private key for all servers. However, with the difficulty of the security, this is very difficult to happen.

Finally, the safest certificate to use is Wildcard SSL Certificates, since it not only saves costs by maintaining unrestricted sub-domains, but also makes it easy to navigate stuff.

Linked Wildcard SSL Certificate queries

Should I use a certificate with a wildcard?

Yeah, Wildcard Certificate can assist you at a fair cost in obtaining n number of domain sub-domains.

What is the SAN and Wildcard SSL Certificate difference?

A wildcard certificate requires unlimited sub-domains to be protected by a single certificate, according to the OpenSRS site.

For instance, all these sub-domains will be secured by a Wildcard certificate for,, and many more sub-domains.

A SAN certificate requires a single certificate to be used to secure multiple domain names.

For instance, you might be able to get a certificate from You should concurrently apply more SAN values to secure,, and even through the same credential.