Benefits of SSL Certificate for Website

We will focus on the benefits of SSL Certificate in this article, and why SSL is important to your website. How do these SSL Certificate benefits help companies achieve profits and revenues?

As the internet development evolved at a rapid pace, the digital world ‘s growth has risen. Now everything from a small pin to a big television is available online. It has also caused cybercrime and leakage of customer data.

Just like you need a seat belt while driving a car, a helmet while riding a bike, you need an SSL Certificate for your website.

You may have different questions such as:

Worth getting an SSL certificate?

HTTPS is important?

Is SSL certificate mandatory?

“Yes” is the answer to all these questions

Turning from HTTP to HTTPS is confusing for most people. As they are not aware of the SSL Certificate advantages and the risk of not getting an SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate is used by only 1.9 percent of the top 1 Million websites, while 4.2 percent of the top 10,000 websites are protected.

Top 5 SSL-Certificate Benefits

SSL Protects Server Data:

Customer data (ID’s, Password, Credit Card, Debit Card info, etc.) is like a gem for the company, in this intensely competitive environment. In terms of consumer data confidentiality, therefore, the company can’t compromise. SSL Certificate secures data between server and client that is in transit. In simple words, the information is kept safe and confidential. By converting them into the undecipherable format, SSL helps secure data from hackers and skimmers.

Google Advice Protects:

Google has made good its pledge to make the internet a better place by identifying and shaming unencrypted websites (HTTP sites) with its consent updates. As of October 17 , 2018, Google launched Chrome 70, and with it, sites that are not completely HTTPS-secure have improved their security alerts.


Getting SSL certificate on the website would render your website as HTTPS, which will save you from Google’s harsh alerts.

SSL Raise SEO Rankings on Website

As we know Google is happily upgrading algorithms, HTTPS was revealed by Google in 2014 as a ranking signal. Deploying an SSL Certificate on your website will make your website secure and browsers will display a pad lock in the address bar.

Such a confidence measure would boost traffic on your website and thus improve your SEO rating.

In his article Brain Dean also discussed how HTTPS is associated with Google Ranking.

Below is the reference graph, which shows the website rating that has HTTPS allowed (Having SSL certificate).


Implementing an SSL certificate for your website is the right time, because it helps to improve the website’s SEO rating. What doesn’t want their website to rank top on Google SERP?

SSL Raise Confidence & Revenue for Customers

SSL Certificate offers a Security indicator known as “Padlock” for your website This padlock indicates that SSL encryption means the website is secure. SSL encryption serves as a visual indicator for customers to trust in and share their information about the authenticity / security of the website. Which leads to increased consumer trust.

Trust-Indicator-for-HTTPS-WebsiteOrganizations can exploit these security features to turn guests into customers by gaining more trust as a secure place to exchange information. This is a big step towards improving company revenues.

SSL Phishing Prevents and Other Attacks:

Nowadays as the internet user base is growing, so the threats like Phishing, MITM attacks, etc. are growing. For different purposes, protecting the website from these attacks is a must. Using an SSL Certificate on the website is a easy way to.

Since phishing involves cloning a website or domain, the likelihood of getting a cloned domain approved by SSL is almost unlikely. It is an additional bonus of having an SSL certificate.

EV SSL Certificate is the safest credential for safeguarding the website against these attacks.

SSL Certificate Benefits (Bonus):

SSL Regulatory Compliances Help.

An online business must have at least a 128-bit SSL certificate with adequate encryption to comply with the Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance norms. The PCI specifications also allow the procurement of SSL certificates from a trusted source compulsory. In compliance with their rules, a website must use the correct encryption strength for it to be able to make card payments. These guidelines also make it compulsory for the company to provide any page with a private connection requiring customers to enter personal information.

An overview of the various SSL Certificate types available:

EV SSL Certificate:

The highest degree of authentication is the Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Ordered through a very rigorous verification process. Such a mechanism gives the consumer confidence in the website of the e-commerce / payment gateway. Only EV SSL certificates will display a green address bar.

OV SSL Certificate:

OV SSL certificates are also known as Validated SSL Certificates for Organizations. Those certificates, as the name suggests, have a strict validation process. Certifying Authority ( CA) verifies the identity of a company when issuing OV SSL certificates. The same company information can be found under the information regarding the certificate. Ideally all registered businesses with this form of SSL certificate will secure their website.

DV SSL Certificate:

Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are simple SSL Certificate to protect your website. DV SSL Certificates are the most accessible SSL Certificates on the market. They show a green lock in the browser which indicates the website’s authenticity.

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Wildcard SSL certificate operates in a manner similar to a single domain certificate. You do have the advantage, however, of protecting all and any sub-domains you may have in your network. This credential saves money, which takes time to implement.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

Multi-domain SSL Certificate is used to secure a single SSL certificate for multiple domains and sub-domains. In most cases a single certificate is cheap and can cover up to 99 more domains.


“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you’re going to be hacked. What’s more, hacking is something you deserve
− Clarke Richard

As we now know the advantages of SSL Certificate, let’s protect our website with SSL. It helps the business and the owner gain more traffic and revenue.

Save yourself therefore from the Google “Not Safe” warnings and increase consumer trust, user traffic, and revenue.