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BEST Automation Testing Tools (May 2022 Update)

Finding the appropriate tool for the job is essential to the accomplishment of any test automation endeavour. The process of selecting an automation testing tool can be challenging due to the abundance of open-source and commercial automation solutions available to pick from. The following is a compiled list of automation testing tools, along with connections to notable features and websites:


ACCELQ is a codeless test automation platform on the cloud that is powered by artificial intelligence and automates Web UI, API, mobile, and desktop in a seamless manner. Customers of ACCELQ are Fortune 500 organisations that operate in a variety of industry verticals around the world. These customers have used ACCELQ to considerably expedite the achievement of their automation goals. It has been demonstrated that ACCELQ can accelerate the development of automation by a factor of three and cut down on maintenance by a factor of seventy percent. This results in cost savings of over fifty percent and enables alignment with Continuous Delivery.

Principal Attributes:

The workings of a business, Fully Automated, Visual, and Code-Free No vendor lock, Cloud-based, actionable reporting, built-in framework compatible with any browser or operating system
Visual test, full taxonomy, requirement mapping
Automation for in-sprint work, support for web, mobile, and desktop APIs, and plug-and-play functionality
Subscription that includes everything, with no limits on the number of agents, and a discount of fifty percent
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2) Avo Assure

Avo Assure is a 100 percent no-code and intelligent test automation solution. It supports over 200 different technologies and gives you the ability to test complicated end-to-end business processes that span online, mobile, desktop, Mainframes, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and other platforms.

Principal Attributes:

A pre-built library containing more than 1500 different keywords.
Certified on the SAP NetWeaver platform, as well as the SAP S/4HANA and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platforms.
Integrates with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) products such as Selenium, Jira, Atlassian Bamboo, Sauce Labs, TFS, Q-test, and more.
Intelligent scheduling that allows for the running of tests concurrently and the scheduling of execution outside of normal business hours.
Intuitive report analysis enabled by a sophisticated dashboard and set of execution metrics.
Testing for accessibility that adheres to WCAG, Section 508, and ARIA standards.
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3) Kobiton

No matter which kind of automation you use, Kobiton can turn mobile and internet of things continuous testing into a reality. Automate Functional, Performance, Visual, and Compatibility Tests Easily Automate Functional, Performance, Visual, and Compatibility Tests with Our AI-driven Scriptless Approach and/or Your Favorite Open-Source and Script-Based Tooling With Kobiton, you can ensure release at the pace of DevOps while maintaining thorough quality.

Principal Attributes:

Scriptless capture and execute automation
Script-free development of one hundred percent open-standard Appium code AI-assisted correction of errors
Automatic identification of collisions
Visual Validation & UX Testing
Evaluation of Performance
Integrations of CI and CD That Are Seamless
exploration and reporting of the session in great detail
Policy that allows for an unlimited number of users, with access to actual hardware either through the cloud or on-premises installations.
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4) TestComplete

TestComplete is a graphical user interface (GUI) test automation tool that is utilised by users with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. It tests any desktop, web, and mobile application.

Principal attributes:

Create tests with code or without code using record and playback, or write scripts in any modern language of your choosing (including JavaScript, Python, and VBScript)
Improved object recognition through the use of ML and AI
Help with the testing of large-scale enterprise programmes like SAP, Oracle EBS, and Salesforce
Continuous testing and delivery require concurrent functional user interface testing, which may be performed either in the cloud or on your local PC.
Gives you a comprehensive testing lifecycle by tightly integrating with the technologies in your ecosystem, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), test management, problem tracking, and version control.
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5) testRigor

testRigor is a tool that does not need users to write any code, and it enables manual quality assurance testers to develop complicated automated tests by using only plain English commands. Create tests for the end-to-end functionality of the Web UI, native and hybrid mobile applications, mobile browsers, and APIs without any difficulty.


Create tests fifteen times more quickly than with Selenium.
Reduce the amount of time spent on test maintenance by up to 99.5%.
All members of the team will be able to comprehend the no-code commands and tests.
Integrations with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Test Case Management.
Testing of emails and text messages
One test that covers web, mobile, and API functionality. Support with multiple operating systems and browsers.
Execute thousands of tests, and obtain results in fewer than half an hour.
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6) The Subject7 7)

Subject7 is a cloud-based test automation system that is described as “truly codeless.” This solution consolidates all testing onto a single platform and gives anyone the ability to become an automation expert. Our intuitive software helps speed up the creation of tests, cuts down on test maintenance, and scales up without any difficulty.

principal Attributes:

Functional testing such as regression testing, end-to-end testing, API testing, and database testing are supported, along with non-functional testing such as load testing, security testing, and accessibility testing.
Utilizes open APIs, native plugins, and in-app integrations to ensure a smooth connection with existing DevOps and Agile tooling.
Execution in parallel at a large scale, either in the cloud or locally, with enterprise-grade data protection.
Adaptable reporting and the identification of recurring flaws, along with the video recording of the results.
Pricing that is straightforward and not based on usage, resulting in greater financial certainty.
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7) Virtuoso

Even on the most dynamic apps, Virtuoso is able to automate your end-to-end testing without the use of code because to the use of AI. Build functional tests with Natural Language Programming (which uses plain English and is similar to the way you would write a manual test script), integrated API testing, and visual regression testing in order to provide comprehensive codeless end-to-end test coverage. The Intelligent Object Identification feature of Virtuoso makes use of artificial intelligence to analyse the DOM, locate all element selectors based on relatively simple suggestions, and be self-maintaining.


Before your application is really constructed, you should write tests in Natural Language based on wireframes or specifications.
Eliminate the need for test maintenance with capabilities that are powered by artificial intelligence.
Learn the fundamental reasons behind unsuccessful test results.
Execute at scale in the cloud on any device, browser, or operating system.
API calls can be created by anyone and saved for later usage in functional testing.
Testing in snapshots to locate and compare all visual regressions with baselines
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8) The ever improving Parasoft Continuous Quality Suite

The collection of automated software testing tools provided by Parasoft incorporates quality into the process of delivering software in order to facilitate the early avoidance, identification, and correction of faults. Static code analysis, unit testing and code coverage, API testing and service virtualization, and user interface testing are all areas that are covered by the Parasoft continuous quality suite. This enables delivery at a faster pace while maintaining compliance with industry and security standards.


Creating and running tests with the assistance of AI
Testing of applications using low-code
Comprehensive displays for accurate data monitoring and reporting
Help for around 120 different types of message formats and protocols
Integration with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines and Agile DevOps workflows
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9) Wolf QA

QA Wolf Wolf is a web-based application that, when you go through a website, automatically generates Javascript code, and then transforms that code into an automated test. It is an excellent tool for novices who want to develop tests quickly but don’t want to go through the trouble of learning difficult coding languages. When it comes to more complex tests, developers have the ability to troubleshoot by directly modifying any portion of the test code.

Principal Attributes:

Completely hosted, with neither downloads nor installations required.
Tests done in 100 percent parallel for rapid results
Supports Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox in addition to Chrome
Integrations with VerceL and Netlify are available.
Run on premise
Connect to OpenVPN using it.
You can have a better understanding of difficulties much more rapidly if you use videos and failure reports.
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10) ZeuZ

Testers take pleasure in utilising ZeuZ Automation because it is an AI-assisted framework for click-and-test automation. It does not require scripting and is straightforward to use for manual testers, while at the same time being powerful and offering all-in-one functionality as desired by specialists. ZeuZ fulfils the promise of complete end-to-end automation by providing features such as integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), intelligent debugging, extensive reporting, and collaboration.


Web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as APIs, Internet of Things, and cloud services are all supported.
No code, a single user interface that covers all technologies in a single test case, or thousands of test cases with built-in programme logic
All-in-one: oversee and execute both manual and automated tests for functional, UI, regression, performance, and data-driven evaluations.
Recording of test scripts, automatic object recognition facilitated by AI, and built-in waiting mechanisms
Comprehensive reports, notifications, and collaboration tools, as well as updates in batches
On-premises and cloud deployment options, as well as the ability to install a single computer or hundreds of virtual machines.
Advanced debugging (drill down, intelligent issue grouping, step testing)
Jira, the Jenkins plugin, and third-party integrations are all included.
API and capable of being extended with user-defined actions and scripts (Selenium, Appium, etc.)